Tom Wambeke

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Tom Wambeke

Manager, Learning Innovation

Tom Wambeke, Belgium, is graduated in Educational Sciences, holds a Master in Cultural Management and an Executive Business LEAD degree in Innovation at Stanford University.

Before joining the International Training Centre of the ILO he was Assistant Professor at the University of Leuven and innovation coach at Open Higher Education in Belgium.

He is currently Chief of Learning Innovation which specializes in providing sustainable learning solutions with the objective to generate impact and organizational change.

The unit he is leading has a double mandate: to strengthen the Centre’s in-house capacity to apply state-of-the art learning, communication and knowledge sharing methods and technology, and to provide (e)-learning services to outside partners on a global scale. In this context he works closely together with UN agencies, development banks, international organisations, governments and NGO’s.

As a certified international facilitator (IAF) he’s actively involved in strategy facilitation, participatory knowledge sharing, networked learning and ICT4Development.

This he combines with a passion for complexity adaptive thinking, foresight analysis and futures exploration.