13 December 2023

Why an Africa Social Protection Clock? 

In a resolute move, the Africa Regional Social Protection Strategy 2021-2025, adopted in 2021, reaffirmed African Member States’ commitment to extending social protection coverage to 40% by 2025. This ambitious pledge spurred African governments and constituents to extend their reach to previously uncovered population groups, with a specific focus on those in the informal and rural economies. The strategy also aimed to unlock new sustainable financing sources and forge stronger strategic partnerships. 


Monitoring Progress: Introducing the Africa Social Protection Clock 

Critical to our collective success is the diligent monitoring of progress. Hence, the International Labour Organization (ILO) proudly introduces the Africa Social Protection Clock - an innovative monitoring and forecasting tool designed to keep African countries informed on the progress made towards the 40% social protection coverage ambition.

The Clock serves as a constant reminder of the urgent need for innovative approaches for an accelerated progress. Through - insightful data analysis, it offers a comprehensive view of sub-regional and national achievements in expanding social protection coverage. 


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The technical launch of the Africa social protection clock

The technical launch of the Africa Social Protection Clock was held on Wednesday, 13th December 2023. This helped reaffirm commitment to the priority areas and recommendations outlined in the Africa Regional Social Protection Strategy while highlighting inspiring measures and reforms from countries that have made significant strides in building comprehensive, inclusive, and sustainably financed social protection systems. You can watch the recording of the event in the original language below.