Metaverse Learning Camp

Metaverse Learning Camp
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Metaverse Learning Camp

Slow tech and human-centred learning to help companies foster engagement

30 November 2022

This one-day event mixes seminars, sessions, and panels on key topics related to companies' use of key Metaverse technologies: AR/VR/XR, virtual social worlds, NFTs, and the evolution of Web3.

The goal of this learning camp is to clarify the potential of Metaverse technologies for businesses by diving deep on real applications for sales and marketing, human resources training, and operations. It includes a special focus on key industries and hands-on testing of XR solutions.

By the numbers
$300 B
XR market value

The global market size of XR is expected to be worth as much as $300 billion by 2024, rising from $31 billion in 2021.

(source: Statista)

4.9 B
global internet users

More than half of the world's population was online in 2021, and that number is only growing.

(source: ITU)

believe in the Metaverse

In a study of 1,000 business executives, a solid majority of them expect the Metaverse to be a part of their business activities within 3 years.

(source: PWC)

Why a learning camp?
  • Empower companies on the use of XR technologies
  • Help SMEs and large corporations find entry points for immersive reality
  • Identify opportunities, potential challenges, and strategies around how to integrate XR into various environments
  • Guide companies on how immersive tech can be applied to daily life, including upskilling and reskilling pathways for staff 
  • Spark new ideas through a hands-on fair of European-based XR solutions, tools, and products
  • Explore the new ITCILO Learning Innovation Lab
Who attends?

If you work in the following target groups and/or economic sectors and you're interested in upskilling and reskilling through XR, this is the event for you.

  • Content industry, such as cinema, music, publishing, gaming, and e-sports
  • Sustainable mobility, including the automotive sector
  • Agro-processing and agriculture
  • Aerospace
A few words on our approach

The Metaverse is currently under construction. Virtual reality platforms are giving us new ways to interact as employees, customers, and students. We are learning how to socialize and interact without restrictions -- think embodied forms, 3D holograms, and avatars in both physical and virtual spaces.

So how does that relate to learning?

Education in the Metaverse will be revolutionized by new business opportunities, such as the integration of e-commerce stores with immersive augmented and virtual reality technologies. The result? More compelling customer experiences within a custom miniature world that amplifies trends and ideas within communities.

Our slow tech approach is all about designing solutions for real people, by keeping their needs at the heart of our work.

What to expect
  • Listen to firsthand insights from global industry leaders on the themes of:
    • Metaverse and Mars: the uses of XR for aerospace
    • The virtual transformation of in-company skills development: What’s at stake for 21st century human resources policies?
    • Public policies and private investments to support the Metaverse Revolution
    • Slow tech, the ITCILO’s approach to XR
    • Moving into the Metaverse: Challenges and opportunities for the mobility sector
  • Tour of the top 30 innovations that will be part of the Call for Solutions from the industries of content, sustainable mobility, agro-processing/agriculture, and aerospace/aeronautics 
  • Overview of the ITCILO Innovation Lab 
Want to attend?

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Want to exhibit?

Are you a company or an SME working on XR innovations that foster engagement in the Metaverse? How about integrating XR in the upskilling and reskilling? Then you are the innovator we are looking for!

Go to the international Call for Solutions and know how you can be in Turin as a key stakeholder in the Metaverse Learning Camp.