Covid-19 Response for Producers and Users of Labour Statistics

COVID-19 Response for National Statistical Offices (NSOs)

Covid-19 Response for Producers and Users of Labour Statistics

15 février–12 mars 2021
Le cours est disponible en English
Présentation du cours

Given the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many national statistical offices have been facing obstacles to carrying out their work in a normal way. There is a need to reflect on these challenges and try to overcome the problems by finding solutions that enable NSOs to continue doing their work in line with international statistical standards despite the pandemic. With this in mind, the ILO Department of Statistics, in collaboration with the ITCILO, is organizing this course to reflect on the ongoing challenges, present the latest international statistical guidelines for NSOs in dealing with the pandemic, find innovative solutions to overcoming the COVID-19 disruption, and continue doing their work.

Groupes cibles

This course caters to government officials from ministries of labour, economy and planning; officials of national statistical offices; officials of national, regional and international organizations; members of academic and research institutions; and representatives of workers' and employers' organizations (ILO social partners).

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