Digital Facilitation in Synchronous Events

Digital Facilitation in Synchronous Events

Digital Facilitation in Synchronous Events

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This self-guided and free online course provides a practical approach to online facilitation. It offers you essential knowledge and useful tools to get a first, short and complete introduction on the subject.

Présentation du cours

COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns accelerated the adoption and transition of pedagogical paradigms from a largely offline-mode, in which technology augmented learning, to an online-mode where technology is becoming as important as pedagogy.

This transition was quick, or maybe too quick! Those who were tech-savvy caught on early, those camera-friendly were at ease.

To cope with the constantly evolving training practises in online settings and to provide some clarity on the different dimensions required by facilitating in online settings, ITCILO has designed an online course on Facilitation techniques for online events, which is meant to improve the skills of trainers and facilitators of online events and courses.

Groupes cibles
  • Instructional designers
  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Capacity building professionals
  • Staff in charge of designing and delivering online events and meetings
What will I learn?
  • What are the different dimensions of online facilitation?
  • How many types of online events do exist? And what are their characteristics?
  • Which skills are useful to facilitate online settings?
  • Which methods are best suited to facilitate online interaction?
  • How to work in groups and prepare for an online session?
How is the course organized?
  • Assess your existing knowledge level before starting
  • Complete a series of three self-guided modules
  • Pass the final test to get your Participation Certificate and the e-Facilitation Toolbox
Why should I join?
  • Get an overview of the different dimensions of online facilitation.
  • Be introduced to the skills that are relevant to manage online relationships and fill the distance.
  • Get a list of methods that are useful to design online sessions.
Want to join?

This free course is available on eCampus, the ITCILO's online learning platform.

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