Leadership and Media Coaching

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Leadership and Media Coaching


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The ITCILO’s Learning Innovation team works with stakeholders and partners to equip leaders and senior managers with media training, public speaking, and reputation management skills. These tailor-made experiences are available upon request and customized for specific needs.

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Key features

Prepare for complex challenges through scenario-based exercises


Receive personalized feedback from experts in the field


Get insights on confident and charismatic leadership

What is it about?

The ITCILO offers a modular training programme to enhance leadership and communication skills in international cooperation and development. Leaders and senior managers will gain the ability to lead purposefully and adapt to change. Sessions focus on the intersection of development, innovation, and disruptive technologies, providing a comprehensive and actionable overview to empower confident leadership and enhance media relations.

This tailored programme comprises two distinct tracks, each designed to address different roles and responsibilities. Both tracks are curated to align with organizational objectives, providing a platform that cultivates visionary leadership, fosters strategic thinking, and leverages unique strengths to navigate today’s media landscape.

The programme is customizable to meet the unique and strategic requirements of any organization. While the tracks may change and the scenarios may differ, the course maintains its core emphasis on media training and charismatic leadership.

Participants complete preliminary assignments, customized for their needs, and receive a one-on-one post-training coaching session.

Who should attend?

Track 1: Leaders

  • Duration: 2 days + one-on-one coaching
  • Target audience: Directors, leaders, and visionaries
  • Group size: Limited to approximately 5 participants

The executive training is designed for senior staff, offering a two-day programme enriched with fully-personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with a team of media journalists, public speaking experts, social media and innovation professionals. This exclusive course combines inspiring talks with highly practical sessions, ensuring participants are well-equipped to manage complex new media and leadership challenges.

Track 2: Senior managers

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Target audience: Senior managers
  • Group size: Limited to a maximum of 10 participants

This comprehensive training includes a three-day immersive experience, equipping participants with essential media and social media training, including writing, storytelling, and presentation skills. The small group setting ensures personalized attention and interactive group-based learning, facilitating the practical application of the concepts and scenario-based approaches.

Learning outcomes
  • Cultivate expertise in transformational leadership, honing essential skills such as public speaking, media training, and social media engagement.
  • Master the art of strategic communication using both soft and hard skills, adeptly conveying information across various channels.
  • Embrace collective dimensions of leadership and enhance reputation management skills to foster a positive organizational impact.

Your organization will benefit from managers and leaders who are aware of the importance of good, inclusive, and ethical leadership, and of the current media ecosystem and how to shape it according to the organization’s needs and objectives. Participants walk away with a comprehensive skill set that enables them to handle communication scenarios and emerging technologies with confidence, creativity, and strategic vision.

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Track 1: Leaders

Potential thematic areas

Day 1: Essentials for executive leadership 


Leaders and the new media ecosystem:

  • Capabilities required for leading in uncertain times
  • Personal and collective dimensions of leadership
  • Storytelling and leaders

— Coaching: Your questions and concerns on leadership

Positioning leaders as social media “ambassadors”:

  • Trust and relationships
  • Leaders on social media
  • Driving organizational values through social media

— Coaching: Your last social media post 

Charismatic leadership:

  • Leadership and organizations
  • Charisma and vision 
  • Informal leadership

— Coaching: Your speech, reviewed

Leaders, big ideas, and AI:

  • Innovation and future leaders
  • Where big ideas come from
  • AI and digital governance

— Coaching: Your next big idea 

Day 2: Putting knowledge into practice


Embracing organizational values and speaking with impact:

  • The art of public speaking
  • Persuasive communication and media interviews

— Scenario-based coaching: On-camera TV interviews

The journalist perspective:

  • Understanding media needs and expectations
  • Leaders and media relations
  • What makes the news

— Coaching: Press conference simulations

Maintaining reputation and navigating challenges with poise:

  • Unexpected and challenging questions
  • Reputation management and proactive communication

— Scenario-based coaching: Negative and partisan interviews

On air: Reporting on crisis situations:

  • Effectively communicating during major threats
  • Disruptive events and proactive communication

— Scenario-based coaching: Live interviews in crisis settings

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Track 2: Senior managers

Potential thematic areas

Day 1: Exploring the new digital landscape


Understanding the media environment:

  • Current trends in digital and social media
  • Audiences, messages, and channels

— Group exercise: Your communication challenges

Inside a journalist’s mind:

  • A story, a headline
  • TV, web, and social: What changes?

— Group exercise: Dos and don’ts of media communication

New media and social media:

  • Messages, audiences, channels, 
  • Social media tactics

— Group exercise: Your organization’s social media channels

Strategic mindsets and next approaches:

  • Community building
  • Video-based communication 
  • Content strategy

— Group exercise: 5 principles for your organization’s digital ecosystem

Day 2: Media training and practical simulations


The art of public speaking and persuasive communication:

  • Body language and use of voice for effective communication
  • How to manage pace, pitch, and tone to convey strong messages

— Individual coaching session: Press conference simulations

How to interview to deliver your message:

  • Types of TV interviews and how to prepare for them
  • Confidence and competence in front of any audience
  • Structuring clear arguments and deploying memorable content

— Individual coaching session: On-camera TV interviews

Managing the unexpected:

  • Verbal and non-verbal techniques 
  • Controversial questions

— Individual coaching session: Negative and partisan interviews

Day 3: Storytelling, writing, and presentation skills


Writing for the web:

  • Writing styles and effective writing
  • Approaches to newsworthy stories

— Group exercise: Writing headlines and catchy texts

Writing for social media:

  • Engagement strategies and content types
  • Impact and social media monitoring
  • Q&A

— Individual exercise: What to post on social media as a manager

Presentation skills:

  • Meaningful narratives to inspire audiences
  • Presentation structure and speaking techniques 

— Individual presentations: Your communication project in 3 slides and 3 minutes

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Frequently asked questions

There is no specific application procedure for tailor-made courses. Teams match participants’ needs to training activities through joint discussions about language skills, job experience, and academic background, among other topics.

This tailor-made course is designed for a maximum of 5 participants in track 1 (leaders) and 10 participants in track 2 (senior managers).

Tailor-made activities can take place anywhere in the world, including your country or on campus here in Turin. Location should be decided on a case-by-case basis between the inquiring organization and the ITCILO.

Prices are agreed upon between stakeholders and teams.

Tuition prices cover course preparation, implementation and evaluation, training materials and books, and the use of facilities and support services. For face-to-face courses, tuition also covers study tours (if planned) and emergency medical insurance.

Subsistence prices cover accommodation and full board on campus, laundry services (for courses longer than one week), and local study visits (if planned). For courses outside Turin, subsistence prices cover accommodation and full board, as well as incidentals, depending on the available facilities.

This tailor-made course may include a preliminary online learning phase, comprising a survey and various assignments. 

Cancellation of participation in tailor-made courses will result in the following penalties:

  • 14 days or more prior to the start date of the course: No penalty, 100% refund of amount paid less applicable bank charges
  • 8 to 13 days prior to the start date of the course: Penalty of 50% of course price, refund of residual amount paid (if any) less applicable bank charges
  • 7 days or less prior to the start date of the course: Penalty of 100% of course price

Click here for more information about the Centre's cancellation policy and refunds.

I'm interested! Now what?

Tailor-made courses are a joint effort between stakeholders and the ITCILO. If you are a UN agency, the partnership takes the form of a UN-to-UN agreement.

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