Open House for the Launch of the New Training Package on Essentials in Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH)

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Open House for the Launch of the New Training Package on Essentials in Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH)

A new training tool for health and safety in the workplace

8–19 juin 2020
Le cours est disponible en English
Key features

Listen, discuss, and work together in roleplay exercises and debates


The Centre’s training methods include videos and online demos


Start learning early, then keep the conversation flowing

About the EOSH package

The EOSH training package is a suite of 29 modules covering a selection of themes and topics that promote a general culture of health and safety at work, as well as specific risks and issues. It includes:

  • Introduction to safety and health at work
  • Management of prevention
  • Risks assessment
  • Accidents Prevention and Reporting
  • Motivating Workers: Leadership & supervision
  • Work permits
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety and Health signalization
  • Emergency responses
  • Internal emergency plan
  • Ergonomics
  • Hazardous substances
  • Special works
  • Health and safety committees
  • Fire and explosions
  • Confined spaces
  • Tools, machines and appliance
  • Hoist, lift and bear
  • Trip, slip and fall
  • Work at height
  • Electricity
  • Radiation
  • Asbestos
  • Noise and vibrations
  • Drugs and alcohol awareness
  • Harassment and violence at work
  • Muscle skeletal disorders
  • Safe and healthy workplaces for Young Workers
  • Managing health crises and COVID-19
Format and interactivity

The 29 modules are offered in an engaging and interactive online format. Users have a dynamic learning experience with online activities, videos, and additional resources.

Eye-catching infographics present the content and material with a cutting-edge approach, while memory aids and animations keep the learning process fresh.

The package features a modular approach. Users can select among the 29 modules and create the course to best suit their needs.

The EOSH package is designed to be used from computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It is always accessible, even with low bandwidth connections.


The EOSH package is flexible and offers a multi-tool suite of modules. Topics cut across several OSH issues applicable to different sectors of activities and audiences.

The EOSH package is designed to be used by Employers’ and Business Member Organizations (EBMOs). It simplifies the setup of OSH training services for members and helps to attract new ones.

The ITCILO can adapt the EOSH suite to train other entities and organizations, according to their needs. Overall, the package contributes to the ILO mandate to promote health and safety at the workplace. These entities may include companies, ministries, institutions and ILO constituents.

About the open house

The open house is an opportunity to celebrate the launch of the new EOSH training package.

From 8 to 19 June, invited guests will have free access to the platform to discover the new material and experience its new format.

Throughout the course, four webinars will take guests through the key innovations of the new EOSH package, the modalities to launch the EOSH training, and its benefits.

How does it work?

Over two weeks, participants will be able to explore the 29 modules. They will engage and exchange with the ITCILO team, OSH experts, and the other participants in the open house via the ITCILO E-Campus.

Participants are invited to join four webinars, which provide an in-depth look at the new features and the opportunities of the EOSH:

  • Webinar 1 – 9 June: What’s new about the EOSH? Opportunities and benefits
  • Webinar 2 – 12 June: The new module on managing health crises and COVID-19
  • Webinar 3 – 16 June: How to use the new EOSH platform
  • Webinar 4 – 19 June: Taking the EOSH suite forward and next steps
Who attends the open house?

The open house will target EBMOs leaders, EOSH trainers, ILO colleagues, donors, and other organizations interested in promoting occupational safety and health.

How to apply?

Do you want to take part in the open house?

Sign up here.

Due to limited availability, only confirmed participants will receive the credentials to access the platform.

For more information, contact:

Sandro Pettineo and Rachida Zingara

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