Tailor-made Digital Facilitation Workshop

Tailor-made Digital Facilitation Workshop
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Tailor-made Digital Facilitation Workshop

Le cours est disponible en English

This tailor-made course is available upon request and may be customized for local, national, and international contexts. Contact us to learn more.

Key features

Open your mind and experiment with new ideas and tools


Raise your hand, unmute your microphone, send a message… be ready to work with your peers


Prioritize the essentials, identify techniques, plan your next online learning event.

Présentation du cours

In today’s world, learning happens everywhere - in face-to-face, blended, or fully virtual settings.  Why is this important? Because effective learning requires active participation and a hands-on approach, leading to valuable outcomes.

Unlock the power of digital facilitation

At the Learning Innovation Programme of the ITCILO, we have been providing instructional design, moderation and facilitation services for years, making learning events more engaging in any format.  Our tailor-made course focuses on practical digital facilitation in synchronous events. You’ll gain essential knowledge and useful tools to dive into the subject quickly and comprehensively. Moreover, through hands-on lab experiences and project based-coaching, you’ll enhance your design and facilitation skills in digital settings.

Who attends this course?
  • Trainers
  • Technical specialists and subject-matter experts
  • Training evaluators
  • Representatives of employers’ or workers’ organizations in charge of capacity-building initiatives
  • e-Learning professionals
What will I learn?

In this course, we'll explore various aspects of online facilitation, such as:

  • Different dimensions of online facilitation
  • Types of online events and their unique characteristics
  • Essential skills for effective online facilitation
  • Best methods to foster meaningful online interactions?
  • Strategies for working in groups and planning successful an online sessions
  • Techniques to prototype and simulate the delivery of online sessions
What skills will I develop?

As a trainer and facilitator, this online course offers you the opportunity to explore various facilitation methodologies and enhance your expertise in running synchronous online events. Through this course, you will gain high-quality knowledge and insights from experienced ITCILO staff and advisors. Moreover, you will have the chance to practice and simulate your own online session in collaboration with your peers.

What is the course methodology?

The course is centered around the essence of online facilitation, which revolves around people supporting each other’s learning journey. To achieve this, the programme creates ample space for exchange and meaningful conversations. The course itself is conducted entirely online, using interactive self-guided learning modules, knowledge checks, live webinars and culminating in a final live simulation.

Course Structure

Week 1 - Three hours

As a trainer and facilitator, this online course will give you the opportunity to experiment with facilitation methodologies and improve your skills when it comes to running synchronous online events. You will not only get high quality knowledge and shared experience from ITCILO/ ETUI staff and advisors but you will also prototype and simulate your own online session working with peers.

Week 2 and Week 3 - Five hours

Learners equip themselves to get started by introducing themselves in the forum, checking their prior knowledge and familiarising with the online environment and training programme.

Week 4 - Three hours

Learners equip themselves to get started by introducing themselves in the forum, checking their prior knowledge and familiarising with the online environment and training programme.

Week 5 - Three hours

Learners go through three learning modules covering the main dimensions of Online Facilitation: Type of Online Events, Skills needed for Online facilitation and Methods.

Week 6 - Four hours

Learners consolidate their learning through group work and preparing to simulate an Online facilitation scenario.

Week 7 - Four hours

Learners simulate an Online Facilitation moment, as part of their group work, and receive feedback from tutors and peers.

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Who are the trainers?

The training for this course will be conducted by a team of highly experienced and certified International Facilitators from the ITCILO, including senior staff, advisors and consultants.


Keep People Interested, Involved, Inspired.... This is the new definition of KPIs that technology-enhanced learning experiences should aim, measure and assess. This online course aims at co-defining pedagogical ingredients that contribute to human-connected digital learning.

Alessia Messuti
Learning Innovation Officer and Certified Facilitator

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