Tailor-made Virtual Reality Lab

Tailor-made Virtual Reality Lab
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Tailor-made Virtual Reality Lab

Le cours est disponible en English, Español, Italiano
Key features

Adapt the event to your specific needs (blended, in-person, online).


Learn about immense potential these technologies offer


Put yourself to the test and explore examples of the technologies in action

Présentation du cours

Since 2016, the ITCILO has been exploring the pedagogical potential of virtual reality in the future of work. The Centre has collaborated with multiple agencies to develop VR modules on topics like sexual harassment at work, operational safety and security, labour inspection and more.

VR technology is revolutionizing teaching and learning. Upon request, the Centre offers VR immersion labs to help participants get familiar with the technology and its pedagogical potential. 

This fully flexible tailor-made event is available upon request and may be customized for local, national, and international organizations. 

Events vary from a 2-hour awareness session to a full-day VR immersion lab. Contact us to learn more.

Groupes cibles
  • Knowledge management coordinators
  • Trainers, facilitators, and educators
  • Training evaluators
  • Representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations
  • eLearning professionals
What are the main objectives?

The event can cover some or all of the objectives below, depending on your needs:

  • To explore the potential of virtual reality in professional working contexts
  • To test out and experience basic and advanced VR devices
  • To brainstorm how VR can be embedded in your organization
What will I be able to do?

The event may achieve all or some of the following skills:

  • Identify and compare different immersive technologies for more effective learning activities, from procedural training to soft skills coaching
  • Utilize various applications to explore its pedagogical potential 
  • Identify ideal projects to utilize new  technologies and bring your capacity building projects to the next level
What methodology is applied?

Our Lab follows the SAMR pedagogical model and illustrates in a practical way how immersive technologies might impact learning and training in the future. It also helps to analyze whether specific learning needs can be addressed through virtual, augmented, or mixed realities.

SAMR model

What technology will be used?

Depending on the available resources and needs, technologies may include simple Zoom sessions, VR cardboard headsets that enhance smartphones, or VR headsets. An overview of the available technologies can be found here

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