Winter Global Youth Forum 2022: Youth at the forefront of achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Winter Global Youth Forum 2022: Youth at the forefront of achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Winter Global Youth Forum 2022: Youth at the forefront of achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

7–18 février 2022
Le cours est disponible en English
Présentation du cours

Far from being mere beneficiaries of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, young people are recognized as having been among the architects in its development, and should continue to engaged with the frameworks and processes that support its implementation, follow-up and review. As the Decade of Action calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to the world's biggest challenges, it is important to continue including youth in their design and implementation. The ITCILO, training arm of the International Labour Organization, invites participants to the Winter 2022 edition of its Global Youth Forum - an experiential learning platform bringing youth at the forefront of efforts aimed at supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Groupes cibles

The Global Youth Forum welcomes undergraduate, graduate students and young professionals interested in pursuing an international career to accelerate SDG achievement.

Key features
  • A core faculty  of UN international development practitioners and youth ambassadors, young entrepreneurs, experts from the private sector, international and civil society organizations, each working to advance the SDGs;
  • Experiential learning  activities in an environment conducive to idea sharing, peer learning and networking;
  • A group project  enabling participants to apply the skills and knowledge acquired over the course of the Forum directly;
  • Leadership and Career Labs  fostering career design and soft skills development;
  • An ITCILO Certificate of Participation  upon completion of required course activities.
What will you learn?

 Over the course of the two-week Global Youth Forum, you’ll expand your knowledge of:

  • The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development  and SDG synergies;
  • Context and prospects of global youth employment  in international and civil society organizations pushing for SDG attainment;
  • Youth leadership , engagement , and empowerment  to accelerate SDG achievement;
  • Diversity and inclusion  for equality in international development;
  • Leadership and  soft skills for the design, planning, and pursuit of an international career.
  • Fundamentals of  project design and  implementation for SDG impact.
Why should you join?

 The Global Youth Forum equips participants with core conceptual and practical tools to pursue an international career for the acceleration of SDG achievement.

Specifically, it will enable you to:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the 2030 Agenda SDGs  and the roles youth plays in supporting their achievement;
  • Design and develop a group project for SDGs advancement to be implemented at the local, national, or global level.
  • Expand your network  by interacting with international development practitioners, key experts and like-minded peers committed to sustainable development;
  • Develop your soft skills to unleash your potential and bring about change.
Course duration and delivery method

The two-week Winter Global Youth Forum consists of 40 learning hours that combine different learning methodologies, including live webinars, breakout activities to boost discussion, interactive games, and a group project.

The Global Youth Forum will be mainly synchronous, meaning that participants will be expected to be online at the same time during specified hours during all two weeks. The timetable will be shared with successful applicants shortly before the start of the Forum.

Course Structure

Each week, the Forum features:

  1. Plenary sessions  with international development practitioners from the UN System and beyond;
  2. Leadership and Career Labs  with international career coaches on how to design your career and develop your soft skills for SDG Impact;
  3. Group discussion sessions  with inspiring young leaders to exchange ideas and practical tips on how to pursue a career in international organizations;
  4. Asynchronous, self-paced learning for the completion of group work and final project design.

Social, Economic, Environmental Inclusion for SDG Achievement

Participants explore inclusive practices for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda SDGs in the Decade of Action. 

The thematic focus of these sessions will be on the economic, social, environmental sustainability components of inclusion.


Leadership and Career Lab & Designing Your Group Project

Participants design and pitch an SDG-impact, inclusive Group Project for implementation at the local, national, or global level.

They also hone essential skills for the development of a career in international organizations and beyond.

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