Working times and teleworking

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Working times and teleworking

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Recently, the global economic and financial crisis has had a profound impact on working time. At the height of the crisis, work sharing - a reduction of working time to spread a reduced volume of work over the same (or similar) number of workers to avoid layoffs - was widely used as a job preservation measure. Following the crisis, the working time challenges have shifted: from focusing mainly on preserving jobs to an increasing focus on job quality issues - many of which are closely linked to working time, such as an expansion in jobs with short and often highly variable hours.

Learning objectives
  • Familiarize with the concept of decent working time and the 5 guiding principles 
  • Getting to know the working time-related topics covered by the Internationa Labour Standards
  • Being able to design and implement WTAs collaboratively
  • Understand what are other forms of work arrangements and how to use them regularly or in a crisis response

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