Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 and case law symposium

Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 and Case Law Symposium

Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 and case law symposium

19–20 Giugno 2024
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The working and living conditions of seafarers have always been of special concern to the International Labour Organization (ILO). In February 2006, the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC,2006) was adopted by government, employer and worker representatives. Widely known as the "seafarers and quality shipping. The MLC, 2006 is the "fourth pillar" of the International regulatory regime for quality shipping, complementing the key Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Although the Convention has been ratified to a considerable extent and has had a positive impact on decent work, seafarers continue to face substantial challenges in securing the protection of their labour rights. These problems often result in disputes arising from non-payment of wages, denial of the right to repatriation, abandonment of ship and compensation for injuries. Obtaining redress in case of violation of seafarers' labour rights is often challenging as a result of the multiple jurisdictions and laws and regulations involved (flag state, labour supplying state, port state). In this context, the MLC, 2006 and the work of the ILO supervisory bodies constitute important tools for lawyers, legal practitioners and judges around the world. More than ever before, seafarers are seeking advice from lawyers and adequate legal assistance in the event of labour disputes. The exchange of experiences between, lawyers and legal practitioners from different countries on MLC, 29006 contribution in safeguarding seafarers labour rights and guiding the future decisions represent a source of inspiration for strengthening the crucial judicial role in a changing world of work. The aim of the workshop is to provide a good level of understanding of the MLC, 2006, its provisions and amendments, and a peer-to-peer review of case law on disputes relating to the main issues arising in the maritime industry. These include working conditions, health and safety, recruitment and placement, discrimination, and complaints and grievance procedures, both on board ship and on land.

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