Course on Skills Anticipation and Matching

E-learning Course on the Basics of Skills Anticipation and Matching in LMISs

Course on Skills Anticipation and Matching

3 Ottobre–18 Novembre 2022
Il corso è disponibile in English, Français
Presentazione del corso

The ILO Skills and Employability Branch of the Employment Policy Department and the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) are organizing this e-learning course on Skills Anticipation and Matching for key stakeholders in labour markets and skills development systems.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

Policy-makers and technical advisers in ministries responsible for TVET, employment and labour, and other agencies working in the field of skills development, TVET and apprenticeships; members of sectoral skills councils, national TVET authorities and similar institutions; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations responsible for training, TVET and apprenticeship issues; experts and technical staff working in the field of TVET, skills development, workplace training and apprenticeships; managers and technical staff of institutions responsible for the collection and analysis of labour market-information; staff of development cooperation agencies active in the fields of TVET and skills development.

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