Summer Global Youth Forum 2022

Summer Global Youth Forum 2021 - Youth at the forefront in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Summer Global Youth Forum 2022

Youth at the Forefront of Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

25 Luglio–12 Agosto 2022
Il corso è disponibile in English
Presentazione del corso

The Summer Global Youth Forum is an experiential learning journey bringing youth at the forefront of efforts aimed at supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It equips participants with the conceptual and practical tools to design innovative projects for SDG impact at the global, national, or local level. It also enables participants to hone their soft skills for the pursuit of an international career for SDG impact.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

The Summer Global Youth Forum is open to undergraduate, graduate students and young professionals interested in pursuing an international career supporting efforts aimed at helping achieve the SDGs.

Key features
  • A core faculty of UN international development practitioners and youth ambassadors, young entrepreneurs, experts from the private sector, international and civil society organizations, each working to advance the SDGs;
  • Elective course tracks Environmental Sustainability Track, Social Sustainability Track, Economic Sustainability Track, International Law and Global Trade Track which participants select based on subject-matter interest;
  • Leadership and Career Labs fostering career design and the development of soft skills;
  • A group project proposal enabling participants to apply the skills and knowledge acquired over the course of the Forum directly;
  • Webinars and up to two coaching sessions dedicated to shaping and refining group project proposals;
  • Experiential learning activities in an environment conducive to idea sharing, peer learning and networking.

The Summer Global Youth Forum is a three-week course delivered fully online. It features 60 learning hours divided between live sessions and asynchronous activities participants complete either individually or in groups.

Online webinar sessions are highly participatory, featuring activities designed to foster peer-to-peer interaction and collaborative learning. Divided into groups, participants will also conduct asynchronous groupwork to complete the building blocks of a Group Project Proposal and a final Group Presentation to be delivered on the last day of the Forum.

Content is unlocked on a weekly basis and is made available on the eCampus, which features webinar links and recordings, preliminary or supplementary readings, assignments and self-guided modules.


The Summer Global Youth Forum is designed as follows:

Week 1

Plenary Sessions and

Elective Course Sessions

Participants explore the 2030 Agenda and the roles youth can play in helping achieve its SDGs. They join plenary sessions with international development practitioners and youth ambassadors from the UN system and beyond.

Based on elective course selection, participants narrow their area of interest down to Economic, Social, Environmental Sustainability or International Law and Global Trade.

Week 2

Leadership and Career Labs

Participants join classes conducted by global leadership and career coaches to develop or hone essential soft skills to navigate an international SDG-impact career. Topics covered may include leadership, navigating the multicultural workplace, fostering inclusion at work, and more.

Week 3

Project Proposal

Design Sessions

Participants work in groups for the completion of an SDG-impact Group Project Proposal and a Group Presentation to be delivered on the last day of the Forum. This is achieved through a combination of plenary sessions with international experts, asynchronous groupwork sessions and up to two group-specific coaching sessions.


Successful completion of required activities grant participants an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement in Digital Credentials Format.

Required activities include webinar attendance, completing and submitting two practical exercises at the end of Week 1 and 2, while submitting a complete Group Project Proposal and delivering a Group Project Presentation at the end Week 3.

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