Diploma in Project Management for Sustainable Development

Diploma in Project Management for Sustainable Development

The Diploma is available in English, Français

The Diploma on project management for sustainable development is a new initiative undertaken by the ITCILO to contribute to the professionalization of development cooperation management functions in the workplace. This diploma programme is therefore intended to be practical, useful and applied to the realities of professionals active in the field of development cooperation.

Its central objective is to support the development and the validation of individual and organizational capacities in programme and project cycle management. More specifically, in the design, implementation, financial management, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects for sustainable development goals.

The Diploma is composed by five main certification programmes offered by ITCILO (available online and face-to-face); please refer to the here below table.

Participants need to complete successfully three out of five qualified courses within a 5-year period and complete a capstone project in order to earn the “project manager for sustainable development” recognition through the diploma.

Key features

Innovative online and digital training methodology and technology enable you to learn while you continue to perform your normal obligations


Learning begins at own pace, strengthens through high-quality and engaging live weekly sessions and individual assignment performed under the guided supervision of a coach


Successful candidates will obtain an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement for each completed programme. Once at least three programmes are completed, participants are eligible for the capstone project.


Participants completing three of the qualified courses and a capstone project will obtain the ITCILO Diploma in project management for sustainable development.

The Diploma programme allows applicants to build their CV and practice through a multi-year and coherent learning journey. Through the capstone project, participants also succeed in specializing in a singular and cutting-edge theme of their choice. This capstone project is presented as a working paper on a development cooperation thematic produced and published by the diploma programme participant.


The diploma programme is addressed to professionals active or aiming at being active in international organizations, public and private institutions and NGOs working in the area of development cooperation.


By achieving the Diploma for project management for sustainable development, successful candidates will:

  • Have gained a complete body of knowledge on programme and project cycle management;
  • Have learned, practiced and demonstrated their capacities to use tools and techniques to perform the design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and financial management of development cooperation interventions;
  • Be able to demonstrate the achievement through a recognised certification from the ITCILO;
  • Be part of a growing network of development cooperation practitioners and managers to serve as an ongoing platform for exchange.
Design and implementation of the diploma programme

Participants need to complete three of the five qualified courses within a 5-year period and complete a capstone project in order to earn the “project management for sustainable development” recognition through the diploma.


The Centre is able to draw on the expertise of the ILO and sister United Nations Organisations. The ILO has been active for more than 100 years in bringing governments, employers and workers to cooperate in order to promote decent work and social justice. This experience has resulted in a long experience and deep understanding of development cooperation. The ILO’s leading role in international cooperation on the world of work issues also means the Centre is able to draw on a wide network of expertise within the UN system, academia and beyond.

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