FAO Partnerships Network Map

Sustainable development

FAO Partnerships Network Map

Navigating Sustainable Development Networks for Strategic Agri-Food Systems


Like a social network, but for sustainable development. FAO’s actor network map connects country offices and civil society organizations (CSOs) for strategic action on agri-food systems. 


What we did:

  • Network mapping
  • Operational planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Strategic partnerships analysis
  • Partnership tracking methodology
  • Capacity development mainstreaming

We worked with FAO to develop an actor network map for three pilot countries. The main goal: strengthen the Partnerships Unit's capacity to take evidence-based decisions on partnership development strategies.

We started by mapping out all current partnerships, both formal and informal. From there, we came up with a method to track FAO’s partnerships at the country level. The tool we built basically monitors change over time. Network gets denser? Quality improves? FAO can see it all on the map.

This important information helped FAO’s Partnerships Unit understand which CSOs were the most important, and why. From there, they could make better decisions about resource allocation and project management.

We manage data.