Still in "ACTION"!

Still in "ACTION"!

The last few days have been difficult and troubled. Like everyone else, we are being forced to redefine activities and rethink strategies.  But we continue to move forward with the projects we believe in. This story shows that the ACTION/Portugal Project, to take one example, is still in action!


We continue to provide technical and training support for the strengthening of social protection systems in Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe) and in Timor-Leste, jointly with colleagues from the Portuguese Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security (MTSSS).


We have achieved a very important outcome: the launch of Mozambique's first Statistical Bulletin on Social Protection. For the first time, a lusophone country in Africa has created the conditions for the collection and processing of statistical data throughout the Social Protection system (contributory and non-contributory).;jsessionid=FAwWnCEVvQgS8MQnWHXYPQsWRqZQShpzaz0118nlZgKNbAYtI7lZ!-1463413688?id=55986

Link to the document in Portuguese:;jsessionid=FAwWnCEVvQgS8MQnWHXYPQsWRqZQShpzaz0118nlZgKNbAYtI7lZ!-1463413688?id=55986

Link to the document in Portuguese:;jsessionid=FAwWnCEVvQgS8MQnWHXYPQsWRqZQShpzaz0118nlZgKNbAYtI7lZ!-1463413688?id=55986


Still in action!

These data are essential, not only for analyzing, implementing and adapting measures and instruments in an informed manner, but also for following up and monitoring the Agenda 2030 targets, especially target 1.3 – implement nationally appropriate social protection systems and measures for all, including floors, and by 2030 achieve substantial coverage of the poor and the vulnerable.


This outcome demonstrates that tangible and strategic results can be achieved when capacities and efforts are combined and we act in a concerted manner: a process developed by the ITCILO, the ILO Social Protection Department and the Portuguese MTSSS team in the framework of the ACTION/Portugal Project, articulating and combining training and capacity-building actions with technical support for the Inter-institutional Working Group created in Mozambique.

Video in Portuguese with English subtitles



The Statistical Bulletin is a strategic document resulting from the work carried out within the Inter-institutional Working Group, which brings together the institutions responsible for the Social Protection system and for statistics in Mozambique.


“This document is the result of hard work by the technicians and statisticians of the various institutions involved, with technical and financial support from the ILO, and provides an opportunity for effectively broadening the scope of the Social Protection system in Mozambique.


Conscious of the paramount importance of having robust, reliable and consistent statistical data to guide well-informed decision-making for the consolidation of a Social Protection Floor in Mozambique, we at the ILO consider the technical and financial support of the ACTION/Portugal Project to be essential for continuing the work of strengthening institutional capacity for processing statistical social protection data in Mozambique.” Rubén Vicente – Social Protection Expert, responsible for ACTION/Portugal activities at the ILO Office in Maputo.

We continue to work even more energetically to implement this successful model in other countries.

In a very short 40-second video, Fabio Durán-Valverde speaks of the strategic importance of this project outcome for the work the ILO is doing worldwide to reinforce statistical and monitoring capacities in the framework of the SDG  (Video in Portuguese with English subtitles



We invite you all to follow us on this journey through the on-line platform and the Facebook space of the ACTION/Portugal Project.


We are working together!