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Artificial Intelligence Lab

Knowledge-Sharing and Management

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Apresentação do curso

Will the use of generative AI increase our productivity in the field of knowledge production and management? In today's rapidly evolving digital environment, it's crucial to share knowledge and information across departments and teams to increase productivity and drive innovation

The use of Artifical Intelligence (AI) in knowledge-sharing and management can help organizations automate tedious tasks, provide actionable insights, and enable faster decision-making. In this lab, we will explore practical AI applications that can enhance knowledge-sharing and management.


What will I learn?

The objective of this practical lab is to provide participants with hands-on experience on how to leverage AI applications to improve knowledge-sharing and management in their organizations, resulting in increased productivity.

During the lab, participants will:

  • Understand the potential benefits of using AI in knowledge-sharing and management
  • Practice using AI tools to automate knowledge management tasks
  • Discover how AI can help in data analysis and decision-making
  • Explore ways to integrate AI applications into existing knowledge management systems
How will I learn?

AI in knowledge-sharing and management: The lab will start with an introduction to the concept of AI in knowledge-sharing and management. The facilitator will provide an overview of the benefits of using AI in knowledge management, including automation of tedious tasks, enabling faster decision-making, and providing actionable insights.

  • Hands-on experience with AI tools: In this section, participants will gain hands-on experience with AI tools that can help automate knowledge-management tasks. These tools may include chatbots, NLP software, and data analytics software. The facilitator will guide participants through the process of setting up and using these tools.
  • Data analysis with AI: In this section, participants will learn how to use AI to analyze data and extract insights. The facilitator will provide a case study or dataset that participants will analyze using AI tools. Participants will learn how to clean and prepare the data, apply AI algorithms, and interpret the results to influence decision-making. 
  • Integration with existing knowledge management systems: In this section, participants will learn how to integrate AI applications into their existing knowledge management systems. The facilitator will provide an overview of the different ways AI can be integrated, including APIs, custom integrations, and plugins.
This tailor-made course is available upon request.

It may be customized for local, national, and international organizations.

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