The Board of the Centre

The Board comprises 24 members appointed by the Governing Body of the ILO. Half are government representatives and the rest are split evenly between employers’ and workers’ organization representatives. The Government of Italy, the region of Piedmont, the city of Turin, and the Unione Industriale Torino are also represented.

It meets once a year with a mandate to approve the general guidelines and budget of the Centre and submits the reports of its meetings to the Governing Body of the ILO.

Update: Board sessions are now available through PaperSmart, a United Nations project that promotes the digitalization of documents.

Rules of procedure: Statute of the Centre and Rules of Procedure of the Board 

Membership: Document CC 82/INF.1

Agenda and list of documents (Document CC 82)

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Item 4:

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Item 7:

List of members (Document CC 82/INF.1)

Attendance list (Document CC 82/INF.2) 

Report of the meeting of the Board of the Centre

Powerpoint presented at the meeting


Board October 2014

Board May 2014