Certification programme for business resilience trainers

Certification programme for business resilience trainers

Certification programme for business resilience trainers

The training is open to Botswana nationals only

O curso está disponível em English
The Sustainable and resilient enterprises (SURE) programme

The Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) training programme seeks to strengthen the capacities of SMEs to prepare, respond, and adapt to the impact of hazards such as disasters, conflict, pandemics and others. SMEs that participate in the SURE training programme will develop resilience strategies that are tailor-made to their unique business profile and risk exposure. 

With its focus on business resilience, the SURE methodology goes a step beyond classical business continuity planning and introduces aspects of business adaptation, digital transformation and staff development to help SMEs become agile, shore up vulnerabilities and build the necessary human elements that are key to business resilience. 

The target end-users of the SURE training programme are SMEs with more than two years of operation and established management capacities. SURE targets both individual business owners and management teams. 

SURE is a blended online training programme that consists of training sessions, self-guided eLearning units and individual coaching sessions. The SURE training journey consists of a total of 16 units that cover the different aspects of business resilience.

Call for trainers

If you are an experienced business trainer, representative of an employers’ or business membership organization, SME promotion agency or similar entity in Botswana with a proven track record of providing SMEs with training and coaching services, you are encouraged to apply to the SURE Certification Programme for Business Resilience Trainers. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will:

• Receive a certification of achievement from the International Training Centre of the ILO

• Obtain exclusive access to the SURE training material and tools

• Become part of the SURE implementation partners’ roster of experts

• Be qualified to incorporate business resilience training and coaching into your service offer

Certification programme for business resilience trainers

The SURE Certification Programme for Business Resilience Trainers consists of three phases. You will be required to actively participate in each phase of the programme and to fulfil the tasks below to qualify for certification. 

  • Phase 1: Call for expression of interest from 15 November to 08 January 2023
  • Phase 2: Training of trainers from 23 to 26 January 2023
  • Phase 3: Training of entrepreneurs from 27 January to 31 March 2023
  • Phase 4: Certification

The total estimated time investment for participants in 80 hours.

Selection process

Applicants are invited to fill in the online application form by Sunday 08 January 2023. 

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