E-Academy on Social Security

E-Academy on Social Security

E-Academy on Social Security

12 Setembro–21 Outubro 2022
O curso está disponível em English, Français
Key features

Join a comprehensive online training package and connect with a global network of practitioners


Successful candidates will obtain an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement


Eligible for both the Diploma for Social Protection Analysts and the Diploma for Social Protection Managers

Apresentação do Academia

The Academy on Social Security is the most comprehensive training package delivered by the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) in the field of social protection. The course will be offered online for the first time this year. Over six weeks, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their competences in giving advice, designing, managing, administering and supervising national social security schemes at a time when these are of vital importance in responding to the current global crisis. The e-Academy covers a wide range of cross-cutting social protection themes, such as extension, governance, financing and reform, adopting a blend of self-paced learning modules, interactive exercises and assessments, and webinars led by social security experts. Successful candidates will obtain a Certificate of Achievement and the course may also lead to the Diploma for Social Protection Analysts.

Perfil dos participantes

The course is designed for officials committed to furthering social protection systems with innovative, practical methods and techniques. More precisely, (1) managers, planners, advisers and professionals working in social security institutions, (2) policy-planners and officials from key ministries responsible for the development and monitoring of social protection systems, (3) representatives of the social partners involved in the governance of social security institutions and (4) practitioners and consultants of UN agencies working in the field of social protection.

What will I learn?

The E-Academy provides advanced knowledge and tools needed for the effective design, management and governance of social security systems. Through covering a wide range of social protection crosscutting topics such as extension, governance, financing and reforms, the course offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Enhance the knowledge and competencies required to improve the governance, design, reforms and administration of social security institutions;
  • Analyse best international practices and guidelines of social security schemes and the protection of the interests of beneficiaries;
  • Increase awareness of the economic and financial implications of social protection systems;
  • Enhance knowledge of the techniques and methods used for establishing financially sustainable social security schemes;
  • Understand the challenges posed by demographic and economic changes to social security schemes;
  • Acquire an international perspective on social security policy issues through comparative analysis and experiences;
  • Understand the importance of the extension of social protection as a powerful tool to reduce poverty and

    inequalities while contributing to economic growth and development;
  • Understand the process for a diagnosis of current national social protection systems and formulation of a national strategy on the extension of social protection;
  • Assess the feasibility, cost and impact of national Social Protection Floors;
  • Review various initiatives around the world, which are key components of the Social Protection Floor or milestones towards the extension of social protection.
What will I be able to do?

The main aim of the E-Academy is to equip key actors involved in the social security sector with the concrete knowledge and skills they need to better advice, design, manage, administer and supervise national social security schemes in a rapidly changing global economic and financial context.

Why should I join?
  • The ITCILO and ILO draw on a worldwide network of the social security experts from their own staff, the OECD, the International Social Security Association (ISSA), UNICEF, social security institutions, well-known universities, recognized research institutes and senior sector experts.
  • The course allows participants to join the global conversation on social protection gaining access to the latest thinking, information and analysis about emerging issues and trends in these uncertain times.
  • It also fosters knowledge exchange between a global network of social protection professionals, establishing a strong community of practice and support.
  • The E-Academy is the only course eligible for both the Diploma for Social Protection Analysts and the Diploma for Social Protection Managers, allowing participants to move one step closer to obtaining the Social Protection Analysts and Social Protection Managers recognition.
  • An ITCILO Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the assessment of knowledge and competencies acquired.
What participants say

This online course offers a flexible and modular curriculum blending self-paced learning with live sessions over a period of six weeks, for an estimated total of 100 learning hours. The programme includes six live Plenary Sessions with sector thought-leaders as well as 20 Elective Courses to choose from, covering a wide range of issues in social protection.

Every week, participants will be able to select one Elective Course to follow from a total of five. Overall, they will be expected to spend up to 12 hours engaging in digital learning activities including:

  • Joining one live online Plenary Session and engage in knowledge sharing activities
  • Following two live sessions with an expert tutor for their chosen Elective Course
  • Consulting reading resources and videos
  • Testing their knowledge by completing interactive activities
Prove your skills with a Diploma

This course is part of two Diploma programmes:

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