Entrepreneurship games through Virtual Reality (VR): Training of Trainers

Entrepreneurship games through Virtual Reality (VR): Training of Trainers

Entrepreneurship games through Virtual Reality (VR): Training of Trainers

5–16 Dezembro 2022
O curso está disponível em English, Español
Apresentação do curso

This Training of Trainers course will be using the tool of Virtual Reality (VR) to implement

the ILO entrepreneurship games. It will enable participants to:

  • get to know the ILO entrepreneurship games
  • play and interact with their peers in the VR space
  • use the entrepreneurship games in future face-to-face or VR trainings.
Perfil dos participantes

This course is designed for entrepreneurship trainers and educators, such as ILO certified trainers and master trainers of SIYB, KAB, StartUP&go, or other trainers who would like to complement their entrepreneurhsip training with gamification tools. Whilst prior entrepreneurship training experience is an assumption, no VR experience is expected.

What topics does this course cover?

The ILO Entrepreneurship games are an innovative and experiential learning tool

for entrepreneurship trainers and educators and can be used independently or to

complement other entrepreneurship training programmes such as:

  • Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB)
  • Know About Business (KAB)
  • Startup&go.
What will I learn?

You will learn through playing. This Training of Trainers will allow you to:

  • experience the entrepreneurship games in a close to real situation
  • reflect upon your experience with your peers and faciliators
  • conceptualize and analyse what kind of entrepreneurial skills you live whilst playing
  • apply entrepreneurship and facilitation skills while playing.
What will I be able to do?

The main objective of this ToT is to enable its participants to apply the ILO

entrepreneurship games. After this training you will be able to:

  • understand the logic and dynamics of the ILO entrepreneurship games
  • appreciate the potential of VR as a tool for entrepreneurship training
  • use and apply the entrepreneurship games in your future face-to-face or VR trainings.
Why should I join?

In the context of the increasing use and potential of Virtual Reality in training and

education, the combination of entrepreneurship games and Virtual Reality promises

to be a perfect match of innovative learning tools for entrepreneurship trainers. It

enables participants to learn and evolve their skills by immersing themselves into

virtual environments.

  • Are you an entrepreneurship trainer?
  • Are you into games?
  • Are you keen to explore the potential of VR?

Then this is definitely your course!

How to apply?

The deadline for submission of applications is 7 November 2022. Candidates must

submit link https://oarf2.itcilo.org/DST/A9715016/en


Tuition, including rental and shipping of VR oculus, licence fees: €1780

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