Financing Skills Development

Financing of skills development

Financing Skills Development


27 Maio–5 Julho 2024
O curso está disponível em English, Français
Key features

Learn from international TVET experts


Stay and study on the banks of the Po (residential phase)


You learn from others, you share with others

Apresentação do curso

The course offers a systemic approach aimed at strengthening participants' capacity to analyse the systems and mechanisms of financing skills development. This course is aimed at facilitating the emergence of fair, inclusive systems that involve social partners to be able to mobilize, allocate and manage the use of resources efficiently, effectively and sustainably, taking into consideration the specific nature of each context.

Perfil dos participantes

Professionals working on defining and implementing public policies on skills development systems: - staff at ministries of TVET, employment, finance and other "training" ministries; - staff from national, sectoral or regional training funds; - representatives of employers and workers' organizations; - members of civil society organizations; - representatives of independent institutions (observatories, agencies, etc.); - managers of TVET schemes; trainers and careers advisors; - staff from international cooperation institutions and agencies.

What topics does this course cover?

This course allows understanding the issues and challenges around financing institutions responsible for TVET/Skills Development in order to financially support effective, efficient and sustainable systems. The course covers:

  • Resource mobilization, including the diversification of sources, regional and sectoral approaches and a focus on the independence of training establishments and Public Private Partnership (PPP);
  • The allocation of mobilized resources, by analysing the various stakeholders and advantages and disadvantages of the different allocation methods;
  • Managing the use of resources allocated from the perspective of accountability.
What will I learn?

Participants will strengthen their knowledge in order to be able to participate meaningfully in financing mechanisms and subsystems, with a better understanding:

  • Of different approaches commonly used, in different contexts, to finance skills development.
  • Of the roles, types and targets of incentives for the financing of skills development.
  • Of skills development financing mechanisms to ensure the fair participation of all stakeholders in mobilization and decision-making concerning financial resources mobilized.
What will I be able to do?

Participants will be connected to an international network of decision makers involved in financing skills development at local, sectoral and national level. They will be able to:

  • Adopt a systemic view of the financing of skills development, by analysing the links between governance and other functions of their systems;
  • Identify the bottlenecks and areas of improvement in financing arrangements in their own context, with clear ideas of the policy options to follow;
  • Choose the most appropriate approaches and methods to mobilize, allocate and manage the use of financial resources, to respond to issues in their contexts.
Why should I register?
  • The course takes a systemic approach, highlighting the links between financing and other functions of the training system.
  • Participants are encouraged to share their individual experiences on training days, thus creating a community of international practice.
  • Given the unique position of the ILO, the course will place participants at the heart of the current debate on financing training, from the perspective of social dialogue and of setting up innovative systems and meeting diverse needs.
How to registe?

Complete the registration form by clicking on before 12 May 2024.

Kindly indicate how your participation will be financed and attach to the form or send us by email a letter of financial support from your sponsor.



This course is one of the three modules of the Certificate of Advanced Studies on Governance of Skills Development Systems jointly organized by the ITCILO and the Swiss Federal University of Vocational Education and Training (SFUVET). It can therefore be taken as a single course of ITCILO or integrated in a 3-course package leading to the CAS. For more information on more articulated learning paths, please contact

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