Slow Retreat

Slow Retreat

Slow Retreat

A mindful and meaningful reflection space for teams

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You can’t reach workplace wellness without being well. You can’t be mindful if your mind is full. You can’t go far without going slow. 

Are you and your team ready to put on the breaks in this sped-up society? This retreat will equip you with the mindset and skillset to harness the power of slow. Sometimes all we need to do is slow down to look back, think forward, and go fast. Slowing down actually improves focus, sharpens thoughts, and boosts productivity.


Il faut reculer pour mieux sauter.

Michel de Montaigne

This tailor-made retreat is available upon request. It may be customized for local, national, and international organizations. Contact us to learn more.

Who attends this retreat?
  • Learners ready to slow down and gain knowledge at a new pace
  • Trainers who want to curate meaningful and mindful learning journeys
  • Teams looking to take time to pause and rewind before moving forwards
What will I learn?
  • Inherent rights every learner holds to slow down and find meaning
  • Mental and physical reflection techniques for workplace wellness
  • Practical tools to experiment with slow learning
How will I learn?
  • Connect through the circle of life conversation cards
  • Build on collective strengths with Socratic walks and appreciative inquiry
  • Practice bullet journaling to curate a personal annual report
  • Meditate and breathe for an all-around well-being
  • Join randomized coffee trials to boost employee engagement
  • Explore the overview effect by answering 13 reflection questions

Each participant will receive a free hard copy of the new book: 

Slow Learning: A path to a meaningful and mindful future of learning


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