SME productivity: A course for policy-makers

SME Productivity: a course for policy-makers

SME productivity: A course for policy-makers

7–18 Dezembro 2020
O curso está disponível em English

This course aims to help participants design policies that improve the productivity and working conditions of SMEs. Participants will use productivity measurement methods to analyze policy options and, ultimately, make informed recommendations. The programme provides a step-by-step look at real policies and strategies, as well as a space to practice core

Join this course and become a part of gradual, but important, change.

Apresentação do curso

This training course aims to enhance the skills of policy-makers and practitioners in assessing and designing policies to improve productivity and working conditions in SMEs. The course aims to inspire policy-makers and practitioners to adopt a systemic approach to SME productivity that encompasses an effective combination of macro- and meso-level policies, the creation of a conducive business environment and the strengthening of SME support institutions, together with intervention at the enterprise level. Special attention will be paid to strategies that promote productivity at the corporate level and ways to scale-up corporate-level productivity programmes.

Perfil dos participantes

The course is specifically designed for policy-makers and practitioners involved in the design and implementation of policies and related interventions affecting the productivity and working conditions of SMEs, in particular decision-makers and managers representing governments, workers' and employers' organizations, productivity organizations and SME agencies.

What topics will this course cover?

Learn how to integrate working conditions into core business operations, and create better policies.

  • Productivity and working conditions
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Inclusion and equality
What will I learn?

This innovative course takes the long view, and will help you consider sustainability in different ways.

  • Key concepts related to SMEs, productivity, and working conditions
  • The impact of policies on inclusion and equality
  • How to share the gains of productivity between workers and employers
What will I be able to do?

Participants leave this course prepared to design the right policies for different contexts and situations.

  • Interpret productivity data at the macro, meso, and micro levels
  • Identify the linkages between productivity and working conditions in SMEs
  • Generate policy recommendations and design new ones
Why should I join?

This tailor-made course provides a space for policymakers to practice their skills and receive valuable feedback.

  • SMEs are less productive than large enterprises, yet employ more people globally.
  • The ILO has years of experience in training and supporting enterprises.
  • Participants visit a local firm to discuss relevant strategies and obstacles.

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