ITCILO plans an energy-saving supper

ITCILO plans an energy-saving supper

As in previous years, the ITCILO will be taking part in the Italian M’illumino di meno initiative (Energy Saving Day), together with private citizens, companies, municipalities, schools and other participating organizations and institutions.

M'illumino di meno poster

M'illumino di meno is an energy-conservation and sustainable-lifestyle day, conceived in 2005 by Caterpillar and Rai Radio2, which asked its listeners to turn off all lights that were not essential. A symbolic and practical initiative that is good for the planet and its inhabitants.

This year M'illumino di meno will be celebrated on 1st March and is dedicated to the circular economy. The imperative is to re-cycle materials, reduce waste and prolong the life of the things we use.

The Centre has already initiated a number of projects with sustainability in mind: the Zero Hunger Challenge, Waste collection, Energy saving and No-plastic on campus.

This year, the ITCILO initiative for M’illumino di meno is a “RE-SUPPER” based on no-waste principles: re-using, re-covering, re-generating, avoiding the use of plastic, and saving energy.