Social Justice

Social Justice

“If you want peace and development, work for social justice” is the theme of this year’s World Day of Social Justice, celebrated on 20 February. 

Conference room at ITCILO

As stated in the preamble to the ILO Constitution: “Universal and lasting peace can be established only if it is based on social justice”. The training activities delivered by the International Training Centre of the ILO have always taken this into account, as the pursuit of social justice is an integral part of the Centre’s mission.

In partnership with the Piedmont Region, the Centre is organizing a Congress entitled “Migrare, cooperare, agire per lo sviluppo locale” (“Migrating, cooperating, acting for local development”).

This Congress, involving 180 participants, is taking place on 21 February. It covers issues such as local development; migration processes at the local level; migration and development cooperation; decentralized cooperation and migration in the context of the 2030 Agenda; and the role of local actors.