Dignità in campo

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Dignità in campo

The Dignità in Campo (“dignity in the field”) project is taking action in two Italian cities – Saluzzo, in Piedmont, and Syracuse, in Sicily – to protect agricultural workers from exploitation.

Dignità in campo


What is it?

The fight against illegal hiring and the exploitation of agricultural workers is a priority for the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

The Dignità in Campo project started in 2018. The idea was to take action in two Italian cities – Saluzzo, in Piedmont, and Syracuse, in Sicily – to promote decent work in the agricultural sector and develop concrete solutions to prevent all forms of exploitation.

Other goals include:

  • Create country-wide networks to prevent exploitative labor practices, including underpayment and overly long or difficult work
  • Share plans and processes to promote decent work
  • Support local policies to develop a social economy
  • Promote a communications campaign to raise awareness about the problem


How does it work?

Drafted by local stakeholders in Saluzzo and Syracuse, the roadmap paves the way to the final goal: preventing labour exploitation in agriculture. The related communications campaign has three key goals: raise awareness about the supply chain, promote sustainable companies, and protect workers.

Four online courses are available. Topics include: social economy, social innovation, and social enterprise. More than 60 students participated in the hackathons in Saluzzo and Syracuse, both held over four days.

An independent evaluation, compiled by the Università di Padova, highlights the importance of prevention when it comes to labour exploitation. 

The project guidelines for replication identify the elements that worked in Saluzzo and Syracuse and provide insight on how to transfer them to other territories.


Where can I find more information?

The Dignità in Campo website is available in English and Italian.