Health and Safety at Work International Festival

Health and Safety at Work International Festival

The challenge of participatory prevention


Health and Safety at work

The International Festival of Health and Safety at Work, organized by Rubes Triva Foundation in concert with the University of Urbino, is proposed as a recurring event on the European scene, dedicated to the in-depth analysis of the issues relating to health and safety in the workplace, recalling the historical cultural vocation of the city of Urbino

In this way it was intended to accept the appeal of the institutions to put a stop to the tragic phenomenon of deaths at work and accidents at work in general.

The theme chosen for the first edition of the Festival focuses on participation as the new challenge of prevention. The hope is, therefore, to create a productive moment of encounter, study and consideration that involves institutions, the world of work and civil society.

The theme of the Festival will be threated and debated in round tables discussion with eminent representatives of the institutions, the academic world and the social partners in four sessions dedicated respectively to:


  • Regularity of work and protection of health and safety
  • New risk and organizational development
  • Which kind of training for health and safety at work?
  • Which possible reforms?


The Festival, in line with its desire of large-scale dialogue, is proud to host the Conference for the Future of Europe – CoFoE – in an introductory session to be held on the morning of May 4th 2022.

At the close of the Festival’s works, on May 6th 2022, to make the wishes of participatory safety actionable, will follow the beginning of the Rubes Triva Foundation’s Advanced Training School in Health and Safety at Work at Deal of Academics of the University of Urbino.