The courses are just the beginning

The ITCILO also offers customized courses, an online learning platform, events and tools powered by new technologies, and digital media services for global audiences.

Interested in working with the ITCILO’s experts for your organization or enterprise’s particular needs? Scroll through the Centre’s portfolio and discover the possibilities.

Tailor-made training courses

Switch the subject. Modify the methodology. Fit the format.

The ITCILO designs and implements customized learning experiences all over the world.

What is the service?

The Centre provides regional, national, and international constituents with training and learning courses that support their unique development strategies, with respect to language, culture, and current events.

These tailor-made courses may cover topics such as rights at work, employment, social protection, social dialogue, gender equality, sustainable development, training methodologies, and more.

What are the details?

Capacity-building programmes strengthen institutions at different levels. They set the foundation for productive employment and decent work for all.

In each geographic area, the ILO builds strategic partnerships with regional training institutions, development agencies, and other UN organizations to achieve the priorities outlined in Decent Work Country Programmes and the Decent Work Agenda.

Tailor-made activities may be held at the Turin Centre, online, or in another country.

Anything else?

The Centre builds courses and prepares online platforms for unique, development-related needs.

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Long-term initiatives

Support the approach. Customize the project. Scale the impact.

The ITCILO supports global projects that promote decent work through learning and training.

What is the service?

The Centre works with various stakeholders to develop tailor-made projects.

These projects provide effective, efficient, and sustainable services to Member States on a scalable and long-term agenda.

What are the details?

The Centre provides advisory services, technical assistance, and awareness-raising support for governments, workers, employers, and other stakeholders. These activities are designed to complement the ILO’s efforts to change social norms and promote equality at work.

Alternately, stakeholders may call upon the ITCILO to co-develop a regional or country-based project, independently of the ILO. The Centre works with international organizations and governments on capacity-building, knowledge management, and policy development initiatives.

Anything else?

All projects are guided by a rights-based approach and focus on advancing the Decent Work Agenda. The partnership aspect ensures a widespread impact for lasting change.

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Global impact

We strive to support positive, sustainable development on a long-term scale. These numbers reflect our projects around the world.


Global Impact


eCampus and e-learning

Access the materials. Discuss the topics. Plan the work.

The ITCILO runs online training courses that incorporate new technologies and fit more schedules.

What is the service?

The Centre’s learning management system and user-friendly online education platform is called eCampus. Built on the open-source Moodle software, the eCampus positions the ITCILO in the e-learning landscape. It responds to the diverse learning needs of ILO constituents through different modalities, including self-guided modules, tutor-based programmes, MOOCs, communities of practice, webinars, and collaborative work spaces.

Individuals and institutions choose e-learning because they are independent learning vehicles. The eCampus creates learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting. It allows participants to learn anytime and anywhere.

Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionize learning and training as we know it. The Centre is actively experimenting with Oculus and similar technology on campus and discovering how to connect with students more deeply.

What are the details?

The Centre integrates mobile, micro, and gamified learning approaches to accommodate diverse learning needs. Subject matter and technical assistance is always available.

e-learning modalities allow users to work through materials at their own pace, in an inclusive environment. On the Centre's eCampus, users can access materials 24/7 (even after the course ends), as well as discussion forums, tests, webinar recordings, and more.

Anything else?

The Centre’s eCampus is part of a larger network of UN platforms built on Moodle and contributes to the UN Innovation Network.

Online learning management systems allow UN organizations to fulfill capacity building and development-related goals. 

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Tech-enhanced experiences

Imagine the workshop. Explore the space. Embrace the technology.

The ITCILO supports partners through customized events and learning products that comply with international quality standards.

What is the service?

The Centre provides learning experiences and journeys designed to stimulate change at the organizational level.

Impact-driven events comprise design thinking workshops, team-building activities, hackathons, and more. The Centre also facilitates training event management, which includes expertise in design, promotion, logistics, evaluation, and reporting. 

The ITCILO’s Design Kit is a tool that helps teams take a human-centered approach to problem solving. Empathy and curiosity are the essence of the Design Kit--and of design thinking. Teams mix and match methods, come up with out-of-the-box ideas, and reach innovation solutions through hands-on collaboration.

What are the details?

Since 2011, the Centre has organized a global training-of-trainers forum with a focus on design, delivery, and innovation. A proven and effective set of practices and tools drives every training event. Capacity-development packages include digital and print modules, toolkits, and other guiding materials. 

Design thinking and strategic foresight workshops are tailor-made and led by in-house experts.

Anything else?

The Centre works with regional, national, and international partners to design and implement learning events and tools to support sustainable development.

Events may be held at the Turin Centre, online, or in another country.

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Digital media and design services

Understand the words. Interact with the designs. Promote the product.

The ITCILO creates modern multimedia stories digitally, on social media, and in print.

What is the service?

The Centre provides development-oriented organizations with digital media and design services that support their unique missions. These customizable projects may include, but are not limited to, digital strategy, branding, communication training, community engagement, storytelling, and campaigns.

The Centre also delivers custom-made training activities on communication for development topics, including social media, web writing, and mobile journalism.

What are the details?

The Centre’s dedicated team of digital media experts, project managers, designers, videomakers, and content strategists works with clients to create a range of services, including website design and development, search engine optimization, social media promotion, email marketing, and print and digital design.

The team includes the client in every step of the process, from ideation to implementation.

Anything else?

The team is specialized in UN-oriented projects for globally-minded audiences. It also offers high-quality, affordable, and creative digital media solutions for a range of development-oriented organizations and enterprises.

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