Data-driven services


Data-driven services

We analyse data.

We help you strategize on the right approaches to improve your institutional processes, using platform-based channels and data analysis tools.

What we do

Data can and should be used for evidence-based management. When large amounts of data are collected, processed, and visualized, it can help inform high-level decision making. This type of service paves a path forward, based on past and current events, and builds hypotheses for the future.

We offer diagnostic analyses to assess existing situations, identify and compare trends, and uncover correlations. And this data can be visualized with the help of charts, graphs, and maps to illustrate trends and relationships.

Actor network mapping

The ITCILO investigates the quantity and quality of the relationships between our constituents through an app called Kumu. In this way, we are able to not only visualize but also analyze our stakeholders. We can explore things like their interests, influence, and loyalties around important issues, and adapt accordingly.

In a nutshell, Kumu allows us to better understand the structure of key actors. The data is updated in real time, allowing us to monitor changes as they happen.

We work with you to create these actor network maps. Before starting, we conduct a workshop to answer important questions such as:

  • What is the scope of the actor network map?
  • What is the expected outcome?
  • How will we measure progress?

Big data packages can help your organization make better, evidence-based decisions. We help you understand how to build, implement, and use them to your advantage.

Digital credentials

In 2020, the ITCILO was still printing and mailing certificates to participants. In the span of just four months, we made the switch to digital credentials. Now, participants can add their certificates and badges to their LinkedIn profiles and personal webpages, share their achievements on social media, and improve their professional reputation with verifiable credentials. 

Participants prefer them because they’re easier to share, “stack” (combine over time), and because they help create a space for online networking. For example, participants can stay in touch with the Centre’s training teams and provide feedback on their learning and training experiences with the ITCILO.

On the other hand, recruiters and organizations benefit because they can verify the credentials in a single click. Plus, they’re more sustainable than paper certificates, since they eliminate printing costs and the use of paper.

By the end of 2022, the ITCILO will have issued more than 40,000 digital credentials. Many of these credentials have been shared hundreds of times and viewed by thousands of people. This is a significant step in the Centre’s digital transformation.

Learning analytics

The ITCILO currently uses data from current and former participants to improve future learning journeys. Data that we collect includes, for example, learners’ prior knowledge of a topic and their final assessment of a given course.

To collect this data, the Centre has built an ecosystem of analytics tools and services. Learning analytics provide various levels of insights, with implications spanning from the needs of individuals to entire curriculums. 

With our metrics, we can help organizations answer guiding questions such as:

  • What are the shortcomings of your learning system?
  • How can you streamline stakeholder needs into your learning system?
  • Is your data meaningful based on your organization’s KPIs?

We can also investigate predictors from data sets to forecast future study success, cluster learners to recommend personalized learning paths, create more ethical and private learning experiences, and much more. For example, at the ITCILO we allow our participants to access their own learning analytics dashboards, where they can reflect upon their behavior and outcomes over the course of a training programme.

AI chatbot for Knowledge Management

Which are the emerging technologies that are reshaping the future of work?

The ITCILO is at the forefront of exploring the future through AI chatbot knowledge management. Our journey is driven by a clear recognition of various managerial and practical needs, including:

  • Accessing information 24/7
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Ensuring answers' consistency through sourced and verifiable content
  • Reducing the risk of misunderstandings or misinterpretations by enabling easy document checks
  • Handling vast numbers of documents
  • Overcoming challenges related to information retrieval

In response to these needs, in 2023 ITCILO has developed an AI chatbot capable of comprehensively scanning and reading our vast document repository.

This chatbot engages in dialogue with users, facilitating access to a wealth of information from various documents. It promotes knowledge dissemination, alleviates staff stress and frustration, and empowers staff with comprehensive information access.

This tool is adaptable for managing project-related information, governance and other activities, ensuring seamless knowledge management.

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I present my great delight in receiving the digital credentials, the result of the course which has set me off on a new path of quality service delivery as I manage Liberia's oldest TVET institution.

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