A new eCampus experience for everyone

A new eCampus experience for everyone

Why we updated the learning platform and our favorite new features

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Our goal for the ITCILO eCampus has always been to provide a modern and easy to use learning platform, so our participants can focus on their coursework. 

As the global focus shifts back to e-learning, the ITCILO is uniquely positioned to offer a modern learning experience. Now, it’s easier than ever to access training resources, understand your progress in a course, and connect with fellow participants.

The redesign is a key part of our ongoing efforts to improve the ITCILO training experience, alongside other recent innovations such as the use of virtual reality in courses and our switch to digital credentials.

The new eCampus is:

  • Part of a larger digital ecosystem, comprising everything from our website to social media channels
  • An online meeting place for our global community 
  • A natural evolution in response to COVID-19
What can you do on the new eCampus?

You’ll find all your courses on a personalized dashboard. Within courses, you can visualize your learning journey with a progress tracker. And you can dive deeper into course content with new features like virtual challenges and exercises that take a storytelling approach.

Other new elements include:

  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • All-in-one calendar
  • Social media sharing options
  • Virtual meetings
Why was it important to update our digital learning platform?

Our colleagues, including those that have been working on the project for the past few months, weigh in.

Francesca Biasiato, Programme Officer, noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the Centre. It has pushed us to provide better online experiences for participants.

“In the quantum leap that we have taken in the past eight months, we needed to keep being there for our constituents and community of learners around the globe,” she said.

New features, including accessibility updates, aim to meet new needs amid the global crisis.

Tom Wambeke, Chief of the Learning Innovation team, pointed to popular learning platforms like Coursera, EdX, and LinkedIn Learning as inspiration. Our eCampus is boosted by best practices in the online learning space.

We are not only a training campus of physical bricks, but more and more of engaging digital clicks,” he said. “We need an inclusive, accelerated and global online outreach, so we don’t leave anyone behind.”

By applying international standards to our eCampus, we get closer to becoming a globally-recognized reference point in learning innovation.


This more intuitive and visually appealing platform streamlines the work of colleagues so that all the needed tools become easily accessible in one place.

Eiman Elmasry
Quality Assurance Officer

Giulia Caldera, Course Assistant, described the new eCampus as an extension of the physical campus in Turin, Italy. 

“I hope that participants will have the feeling of moving and learning inside the ITCILO virtual world,” she said.

As we build into the online space, we aim to maintain our enriching international atmosphere.

What new things do you want to try?

We also asked them what they’re most excited to use or try within the new eCampus environment.


I’m curious to try the e-certificate and badge, as well as the new notification tool.

Cecilia Fabbro
Junior Programme Secretary

I look forward to experimenting with more visual and engaging material, which will be a perfect match with the new look and feel of the eCampus.

Sandro Pettineo
Programme Officer

I love the completion tool, which marks all the completed activities, and the possibility to add a duration for each activity.

Dina Podkopai
Secretary for Master of Laws in Trade Law

Alessia Messuti, Learning Innovation Officer, views the new eCampus as much more than just an upgraded learning management system. It is designed for real people and aims to improve the overall learning experience.

The main ingredient is simplicity,” she said. “Intuitive navigation, clear progress monitoring, and digital credentials are among the new features I am looking forward to!”

And Gaël Lams, Chief Information Officer, was glad to be a part of the process itself. 

“I really enjoyed the cross-functional, collaborative design and development of the new eCampus,” he said. “The reactions from the majority of colleagues have been incredibly positive and constructive.”

Want to see the redesign? 

Do you have questions about the new eCampus? Is there a new feature you can’t wait to try? We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.