We strive for a brighter future that works for everyone.

We’re looking for empathetic innovators. Mindful trailblazers. Those who are equally driven by heart and intellect, curiosity and logic. People who are eager to enlarge their perspectives, energize progress, and spark meaningful change for the future. If that sounds like you, you’ll feel at home at TSD.

No two TSD students are alike. Every year, our Masters courses welcome recent university graduates seeking careers in development and professionals from the public sector—including the UN, EU, and NGOs—as well as private enterprises.

We transform learning. You reshape the world.

At TSD, we promote a culture of results-based learning. That means you're encouraged to participate in class, apply your skills in research projects, and complete assignments through our online platform.

Our Masters courses are blended and intensive. You'll work online, in the classroom, and in the field.

Qualified students thrive at TSD.

Tuition fees range from €8,500 to €9,000.

Partial scholarships, funded by public and private sponsors, allow students to focus on their studies, not their finances.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university-level academic institution

  • Evidence of English proficiency

Studied outside Italy?

You’ll need to request a dichiarazione di valore—declaration of value—from the Italian embassy in the country where your diploma was issued. They’ll ask for:

  • Legalized bachelor’s degree and transcript

  • Italian translation of bachelor’s degree and transcript

Bring the declaration, legalization, and translation with you to Turin.