Certification course on developing an impactful Community of Practice

Knowledge network facilitation certification programme (online)

Certification course on developing an impactful Community of Practice


23 September–8 November 2024
The course is available in English
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Introduction to the course

In an era where the collective intelligence within organizations is a major driver of innovation and success, working in and through communities of practice (CoPs) is crucial. Such work includes encouraging information sharing, but more importantly, facilitation to focus the community's expertise, experience, and resources on addressing current, real world challenges facing practitioners. Catalyzing the formation of CoPs and focusing their activities unlocks a multitude of benefits for organizations as well as for members at a personal level. These benefits include, amongst others, nurturing areas of strategic importance, enhancing knowledge sharing within and between organizations, and making concrete progress on critical issues relevant to any domain of work.

Impactful communities are vibrant ecosystems where knowledge is mobilized to achieve specific, high-quality results, transcending formal boundaries, while also facilitating peer-to-peer professional growth and developing practical, relevant skills of its members. However, the potential of CoPs often remains untapped, with many falling short in terms of participation and value delivery. This gap highlights the need for skilled facilitators who can optimize interactions for maximum impact. Whether you are aiming to initiate a new CoP, enhance an existing one, or elevate your own role within a community, this course provides both the foundation and advanced strategies to achieve success. Get ready to empower yourself and others as you pave the way for a future where collaborative knowledge and community engagement lies at its heart.

Who attends this course?

Programme and project managers, knowledge management officers, monitoring and evaluation officers, technical specialists, project professionals, professionals from private enterprises, academicians and researchers who are responsible for organizational initiatives that hinge on engagement and knowledge sharing. It serves current Community of Practice (CoP) members seeking to expand their networks and exchange expertise to further organizational goals and objectives to those who are seeking to develop one. It is ideal for anyone interested in elevating an organization's collective competence and those focused on strategic capability development.

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