E-coaching to training professionals supporting enterprise development and finance

E-coaching to training professionals supporting enterprise development and finance

E-coaching to training professionals supporting enterprise development and finance

The course is available in English, Español

This course is an individual coaching programme of 7,5 hours offered throughout the year.

Upon receiving your registration, we will get in touch with you and discuss your schedule.

Introduction to the course

This new individual service is offered by the ITC ILO in response to the continuous need of building capacity of trainers, experts and consultants working in the area of enterprise development and finance, especially in training and capacity building.

Who attends this course?

The e-coaching service is targeting a wide range of training professionals involved in designing and delivering learning programmes and activities in finance and enterprise development. The first offer of the service is aimed at training professionals. Applications involving project design or other non-training activities can also be supported.

What is in offer

ITC ILO has a large pool of experts, colleagues and collaborators both from ILO and ITC ILO, as well as other agencies and technical assistance providers. They can support you in the following cases:

  • You are already trained as a trainer in a certain programme, and would like to get feedback and additional uplifting in training delivery or certification
  • You are designing a training programme and need guidance or consultation in the technical areas of Sustainable Enterprises and Economies programme of the ITC ILO
  • You are developing a training product and would like someone to have a deep look at it before it goes live
  • You are in charge of designing training activities, and not sure where to start as the subject is relatively new 
  • You are in charge of capacity building in a country project and want to have access to an individual support from someone who has done similar activities in the past
  • You are designing a multi-country training programme and would like to get an accompaniment from an international training provider
  • You have a specific need that is not in the list above and would like to exchange with an ITC ILO expert.

The e-coaching programme is an individual service. It consists of up to 5 individual coaching and counselling sessions with a total duration of 7.5 hours. The sessions can be structured as a series of online meetings taking place during a week, a month or several months (up to 10 months), depending on the nature of the applicant’s training assignment or project.

What are the technical areas involved

The areas of technical expertise are those of the Sustainable Enterprises and Economies programme of the ITC ILO (SEE programme). Some of the areas are Enterprise development, Social finance, Social and Solidarity Economy, Green Economy, Sustainable investing, Value chains, Sustainable tourism, Market system development, Rural development and others.

  • Step 1. Registration

    Register using the dedicated link. ITC ILO team will get in touch with you to learn about your training assignment and locate your needs that could be addressed by the e-coaching. A preliminary schedule of sessions will be discussed in this step. Your registration is not binding.

  • Step 2. Confirmation of enrolment 

    Once confirmation is obtained from both sides, your enrolment will be confirmed. The ITC ILO team will identify a coach or an expert that will be working with you. The coach will be a programme Master trainer, ITC ILO or ILO expert, an international or regional consultant or trainer with the specific knowledge required, or a colleague from other UN agency, if required.

  • Step 3. Coaching programme

    Your coach will hold a series of meetings with you according to the agreed plan. Plans can be adjusted.

Content-based self-learning or training programme is not foreseen as part of this service, it can be exceptionally offered in case of availability and a good match with your needs.


1200 EUR

Special groups

In this first offer, trainers who are already trained through structured TOTs or have developed their own individual or institutional training programmes, are invited to take part in 4 individual coaching sessions provided by the ITC ILO.

If you are a trainer in one of the ILO or ITC ILO training packages, your e-coaching can be simultaneously adjusted to meet the certification requirements of your programme. 

Trainers previously trained in the ILO packages in Financial education, SIYB Start and Improve Your business, Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises SURE package, Know About Business KAB, Making Microfinance Work and other training programmes and packages are welcome to apply and refresh their skills and methodologies. 


The first offer is available in English and Spanish languages.

Programmes in French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic can be offered upon request.


For any additional inquiry contact mmw@itcilo.org or register via provided link so that we can see your profile and request in order to get in touch with you with some responses.

ITC ILO programme in Social Finance

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