Management of Vocational Training Centres

Management of Vocational Training Centres
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Management of Vocational Training Centres

23 September–1 November 2024
The course is available in English, Français
Key features

Learn from international TVET experts


Stay and study on the banks of the Po (in-class stage)


You teach others, you share with others

Introduction to the course

The course offers a systemic management approach and examines practical concepts and skills required to prepare vocational training centres for the challenges of the future of work. This course is intended to facilitate the development of a holistic understanding of the management of vocational training centres. This training course is part of the ITCILO's portfolio on Skills Development, which aims, across the world, to build the necessary capacities to support the implementation of TVET programmes and skills development.

Who attends this course?

- Directors and managers of vocational training centres; - Political decision makers and technical advisors of Ministries working in the field of managing vocational training centres; - Members of sectoral management teams, national TVET authorities or of similar institutions; - Representatives of workers and employers' organizations involved in providing vocational training services; - Experts and technical staff at CSOs, NGOs and other civil society stakeholders working in the field of skills development and TVET.

Which topics are covered in this course?

This course is designed to facilitate the development of a holistic understanding of the management of vocational training centres with sessions on:

  • The strategic management of a vocational training centre;
  • The responsiveness of a vocational training centre to labour market needs;
  • PPP and the relationship between vocational training centres and industry;
  • The financial sustainability of vocational training centres: autonomy and self-financing.
What will I learn?

At the end of the programme, participants will have increased their technical knowledge to improve the functioning of vocational training centres. In particular, they will have:

  • Increased their understanding of management concepts, by examining the management of vocational training centres from a quality-based perspective;
  • Examined the management challenges related to a vocational training centre;
  • Developed an in-depth understanding of the role of the centre in skills development, the assessment and recognition of skills and transition from school-to-work processes.
What will I be able to do?

Participants will be connected to an international network of skills development professionals. They will be able to improve their ability to analyse and manage their vocational training centres by:

  • Correctly analysing the bottlenecks and challenges at their own centres;
  • Identifying the main issues that allow them to respond to labour market demands;
  • Drawing up a strategic development plan for their centres; 
  • Strengthening the economic model of their institution, by assessing the services and products that can be provided by their centres to the labour market.
Why should I register?
  • The course has an approach that focuses, in the initial distance learning phase, on understanding the conceptual framework of the management of vocational training centres;
  • During the second phase, in face-to-face modality, using the theoretical knowledge acquired during the distance phase, participants will be able to develop concrete skills related to the work of managers of VTC and to expand on this through collaboration and discussions with the experts scheduled for the various in-person sessions and through the planned group work.
How to apply?

Complete the registration form by clicking on APPLY NOW before the APPLICATION DEADLINE indicated above. Kindly indicate how your participation will be financed and attach to the form or send us by email a letter of financial support from your sponsor

This course is one of the three modules of the Certificate of Advanced Studies on Governance of Skills Development Systems jointly organized by the ITCILO and the Swiss Federal University of Vocational Education and Training (SFUVET). It can therefore be taken as a single course of ITCILO or integrated in a 3-course package leading to the CAS. For more information on more articulated learning paths, please contact

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