Procurement management in the public sector

Procurement management in the public sector

Procurement management in the public sector

14 September–2 October 2020
The course is available in English

This course explains the significance of public procurement for national development and good governance. It explores options for reforming legal, institutional and managerial public procurement frameworks using the OECD Baseline Indicators Tool designed for diagnosing national public procurement systems. The course also covers the skills required for planning and executing procurement operations for goods, works and services, including the selection of consultants based on risk assessment and the optimal contracting strategy set out in the World Bank Procurement Framework and Regulations for Projects after 1 July 2016. Each presentation is followed by practical assignments and/or group work to find solutions to typical procurement problems.

Who attends this course?

Public procurement practitioners at ministry and local government levels; members of national public procurement offices, tender boards and evaluation committees; procurement trainers; procurement and financial auditors; probity advisers; staff of civil society organizations.

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