Promoting green jobs in a circular economy

Promoting green jobs in a circular economy

Promoting green jobs in a circular economy

5–16 December 2022
The course is available in English
Introduction to the course

Shifting towards a circular economy yields major opportunites for job creation, decreasing the environmental impact of enterprises, enhancing resource efficiency and thereby rendering business operations more sustainable and competitive. If well managed, jobs in the circular economy can be more inclusive and of a better quality than those in a business-as-usual setting. It is estimated that six million jobs can be created by transitioning towards a "circular economy" that includes such activities as recycling, repair, rent and re-manufacture - replacing the traditional economic model of "extracting, making, using and disposing".

Who attends this course?

Representatives of ministries of labour/employment and the social partners, as well as government officials from other ministries (environment, planning, finance); national and international development agencies, business development service providers and insitutions involved in the design and implementation of national or local strategies and instruments for supporting the greening of business processes and practices.

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