Training of Trainers Certification Programme

Training of Trainers Certification Programme

Training of Trainers Certification Programme

Brushing up on your training skills!

5 October 2020–7 February 2021
The course is available in English

The best trainers create environments that encourage innovative thinking and positive change. In this certification programme, trainers-turned-participants experience the latest methodologies and technologies for capacity-development activities.

You are a creative, competent trainer: join this course to make it official!

The world needs more great trainers.

Key features

Learn, unlearn, re-learn: reinterpret pedagogical concepts for the 21st Century classroom and explore methods for deep engagement.


Take an active role: experience the training cycle through a competency-based approach and share and gain expertise while interacting with other professionals.


Do it differently: nurture change through active learning methods, digital engagement tools, gamified approaches, agile and creative thinking, multimodal immersive experiences.


Take it to the next level: document your experience and demonstrate knowledge and skills in applying core trainer’s competencies.

Introduction to the course

The Training of Trainers (ToT) Certification Programme is a recurring capacity-development event that serves as a meeting place for capacity-development policy-makers, practitioners, trainers, facilitators, knowledge brokers, chief learning officers and staff development specialists. The goal is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge concerning the latest methodologies, technologies and approaches to learning innovation, and to prepare participants for official international trainers' certification.

Who attends this course?

The ToT Certification Programme will be particularly meaningful for: trainers (from the ILO and other UN Agencies , as well as the EC and other development cooperation entities) who serve on international development projects; technical specialists and project staff who engage with constituents and other stakeholders; facilitators who manage learning and change processes; teachers and vocational education experts seeking to introduce innovation into their curricula so as to contribute to the flourishing of their learners' potential and creativity; human resources managers working for ministries, public agencies, enterprises and trade unions who need to improve their learning coordination and supervision; union representatives responsible for human development.

Key figures
What topics does this course cover?

The Programme offers a deep dive into the training management cycle, from analysis to evaluation towards reiteration. In particular, the following content is covered:

  • Learning innovation: participants co-define buzzwords and give it a meaning by discussing how to scale up, mainstream good practices and tackle challenges.
  • Sustainable learning: dimensions such as inclusiveness and eco-learning are closely linked to training design and are at the core of the ITCILO approach.
  • Visual Learning: since learning is multi-sensory, participants get inspiration from visualization tools and practice on their creativity.
  • Mobile learning: from learning assessment towards audience engagement and seamless learning, there will be opportunities to use mobile methods and tools to make training accessible and inclusive.
  • Gamification: participants explore ways how serious games enhance adult learning and learn about techniques for gamyfining their own training.
  • AR/VR/360 learning: from augmented towards virtual or immersive learning, participants explore the new frontiers of training and reflect on how to embed them in their own context.
How will you learn?

The Programme adopts a blended approach to help trainers brush up on their skills and become certified professionals.

  • Orientation (05 Oct- 03 Nov): online introduction to the programme, presentation of experts and main themes, compilation of learning needs and submission of training sample.
  • Workshop (04-06 Nov): participation into a 3-day participatory training on Campus
  • Coaching (09 Nov-20 Dec): project-based learning and personalized coaching on mastering trainers’ competencies.
What will you be able to do?

After participating in this highly specialized Programme, participants are able to:

  • Reflect on personal training practices and identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • Organize training sessions through an organized, structured approach;
  • Utilize innovative, participatory and inclusive methods and technologies;
  • Tap on to latest learning trends and modalities to enhance current training;
  • Share their experiences and challenges with other professionals.
Why should you join?

By successfully completing the Programme, participants receive a Certificate of Achievement and are certified to provide training.

  • The Turin Centre is dedicated to learning and training innovation—and its trainers are top-notch.
  • To join a network of professionals and certified trainers
  • The course is blended, which means that participants complete some work online before and after training at the Turin Centre.
  • The Programme combines participatory and personalized, project-based coaching.


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