Diploma for Labour Migration Experts and Practitioners

Labour Migration

Diploma for Labour Migration Experts and Practitioners

The Diploma is available in English, Français, Español

The Diploma for Labour Migration Experts and Practitioners is an initiative in the field of labour migration capacity building. Its central objective is to support the improvement and analytical aspects of the design, management and governance of labour migration policies and programme in an evolving political, economic and social context influencing the migration phenomenon.

Key features

An innovative e-learning experience combining self-paced modules, webinars and discussions, case studies, forum debates, role-play exercises and group work using up-to-date learning methods and technologies.


Learning begins at own pace, continues through high-quality, engaging “real time” sessions and ends with an individual assignment


Candidates will receive an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement for each of the courses they complete

Why the Diploma?

The Diploma provides the opportunity for participants to master the qualitative understanding of labour migration governance and protection of migrant workers’ rights through a package of intensive and challenging training courses -  distance learning and residential phases - to be furthered complemented by a capstone project in one of the fields of expertise covered in the programme.

The training activities developed under the Diploma emphasizes experiential, results-based, learner centred methodologies such as lectures, discussions, case studies, open discussion, role-play exercises and extensive group work,  in which learning needs are assessed and matched and aligned with principles and guidance intended to turn learning outcomes into practice under three main themes:

  • Fair and Effective Governance of Labour Migration
  • Protection of Migrant Workers’ Rights
  • Linkages between Labour Migration and Sustainable Development.

On achieving the Diploma for Labour Migration Experts and Practitioners, successful candidates will:

  • Have gained advanced knowledge in core areas of Labour Migration and cutting-edge skills to design policies, which ensure and optimize governance of Labour Migration
  • Be able to demonstrate the achievement through a recognised certification from the ITCILO; and
  • Be part of a growing network of Labour Migration Experts and Practitioners to serve as an ongoing platform for exchange.
Certification process

The Diploma is composed of:

  • The compulsory participation in the Academy on Labour Migration (LMA either online and/or residential from);
  • 3 Labour Migration courses (see the a list of available Labour Migration courses below);
  • and a capstone project.

The LMA and other available courses will be taught online and / or in person. Participants must complete the above requirements within a period of 5 years to obtain the “Diploma for Labour Migration Experts and Practitioners".

Programme Design

During the Academy and the three chosen courses, participants are immersed in a rich, intensive, and flexible learning programme, which guarantees a steep learning curve in an international environment of knowledge exchange. It also provides a unique opportunity for networking with a large pool of Labour Migration experts.


For each eligible course, the assessment process establishes whether participants have a full grasp of the skills and concepts included, resulting in a course-specific Certificate of Achievement issued by ITCILO Turin. To earn the Diploma, participants need to complete the Labour Migration Academy and obtain a certification of achievement, three courses with certification of achievement as well and then undertake a capstone assessment demonstrating the consolidated learning of the courses combined. The capstone assessment consists of a written assignment which uses analytical approaches from the Academy and the three completed courses to develop policy recommendations for a specific country context.  The total curricula to obtain the diploma is approximatively 300 learning hours.

Who is it for?

The Diploma is intended for policy-planners and officials of governmental institutions and agencies involved in labour migration; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations handling labour migration matters; staff of NGOs and civil society organizations, and activists working with migrant workers at the grassroots level; representatives of diaspora and migrants' associations; staff of international development agencies and regional economic communities; researchers and academics working on labour migration issues; journalists and media workers.

Participants are practitioners committed to optimizing the governance of labour migration with a sound grasp of technical skills needed to ensure that. Participants normally already have several years of work experience in Labour Migration. They should hold bachelor or advanced degrees and have a strong background in public administration, political science, social science, human rights, labour law, economics, or related fields. 

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