Academy on Youth Employment

Academy on Youth Employment

Academy on Youth Employment

3–14 Julio 2023
El curso está disponible en English, Français
Presentación del curso

Jointly organised by the ILO's Employment Policy Department and the International Training Centre, the Academy on Youth Employment delivers a comprehensive training package that integrates the core knowledge and skills for design and implementation of strategies for the promotion of decent jobs and social justice for youth. This year's edition of the Academy will provide a unique opportunity for a face-to-face exchange of knowledge and experiences with employment practitioners from across the globe.

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

The Academy is designed for:

  1. Government officials from Ministries of Labour and other line ministries, including Ministries of Youth, Finance, and Planning;
  2. Representatives of workers' and employers' organizations;
  3. Youth active in policy development and implementation, social dialogue and generally the promotion of decent jobs for youth;
  4. Staff of agencies responsible for labour market intermediation and skills development; and
  5. Staff from international and regional organizations as well as donor agencies and academic institutions working on youth employment issues.
What will I learn?

Through plenary sessions and elective thematic tracks, the Academy will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • The youth employment challenge in a context of multiple crises
  • Youth, social dialogue and tripartism
  • Accelerating job creation for young people in wage and self-employment, through gender-responsive employment policies
  • Youth employment opportunities in the digitalgreen and care economies
  • Fostering systemic change across labour market institutions and supporting the transition of young people to decent work
  • Youth employability, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning
  • Extending social protection for youth 
  • Promoting the rights of young people
What will I be able to do?
  • Have a better understanding of tools to diagnose the employment challenges faced by young people;
  • Identify viable entry points for mainstreaming youth employment into gender-responsive employment policies and development frameworks;
  • Provide guidelines for the design and implementation of youth employment programmes;
  • Identify avenues to boost the participation of youth in social dialogue and tripartism as well as their voice, agency and representation;
  • Enhance knowledge on what works for youth employment in different contexts, spanning a range of demand-side and supply-side measures

The Academy offers a modular approach that combines plenary sessions and elective tracks. The plenary sessions will engage participants in discussing youth employment trends, current challenges, future of work issues and their policy implications. Keynote interventions will be followed by group exercises and marketplaces allowing country delegations and individual participants to share their experiences and good practice. Furthermore, participants will have the possibility to choose specific tracks among those on offer.

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