Certification Programme for Green Business Trainers

Certification Programme for Green Business Trainers (NEW)
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Certification Programme for Green Business Trainers

16 Septiembre–20 Diciembre 2024
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Presentación del curso

The future of companies is green. Small businesses in developing countries, however, need support in the process of greening their products, services and processes. The Certification Programme for Green Business Trainers teaches business trainers, consultants and advisors in the Global South how to best support small businesses in their journey to environmental sustainability.

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

This programme targets organisations and individuals supporting small enterprises in developing countries. It is specially designed for programme managers, trainers, advisors and coaches involved in the design and delivery of services for small entrepreneurs. The programme is also of interest to financial institutions interested in greening their SME portfolio.


The programme provides participants with tools and knowledge to effectively train and coach small enterprises that want to sell environmentally friendly products and/or make their processes more environmentally sustainable. The main content of the programme includes:

  • Resource efficiency and cleaner production
  • Circular economy
  • Life cycle management
  • Environmental management systems
  • Eco-certification and labelling

Participants in the programme will be able to support small enterprises to establish themselves in the green economy. They will be able to effectively use the ITCILO/GIZ/UNEP Green Business Guide and Green Business Trainers’ Guide. These training materials take entrepreneurs step-by-step towards green business strategies that are environmentally, socially and economically viable.

Learning objectives

This programme will provide participants with the practical tools and insights to support small enterprises. Participants will increase their understanding of:

  • Opportunities for green business: How to support small enterprises to make use of them
  • Obstacles for green business: How to help small enterprises overcome them
  • Training and advisory services for green business: How to deliver effective training and coaching to entrepreneurs
  • Approaches to green entrepreneurship: Which approach fits best for different types of enterprise
  • Tools to support green entrepreneurship: How to use them effectively with entrepreneurs

The Certification Programme for Green Business Trainers consists of a core programme followed by a trainers’ certification phase.

PHASE 1: Core programme from 16 September to 04 October 2024

The core programme will be delivered by experts from the ITC-ILO, ITC and GIZ from 16 September to 04 October 2024 as a combination of webinars and self-guided learning.

Participants will be offered:

  • A daily webinar of 90 minutes (15 webinars in total)
  • Five self-guided learning modules of 120 minutes each

Participants who successfully complete the core programme will obtain a certificate of participation. The total time estimated investment during this phase is 40 hours.


PHASE 2: Trainers’ certification programme from 07 October to 20 December 2024

After completion of the core progamme, participants have the possibility to complete the trainers’ certification programme. During this phase, they will demonstrate solid knowledge of green business content through:

  • Marketing and delivering a green business training programme to at least 10 SMEs
  • Facilitating linkages with other service providers that promote green business (e.g. incubators, certification bodies, financial institutions etc.).

Participants who successfully complete the trainers’ certification programme, will obtain a certificate of achievement. The total time estimated investment during phase 2 is 50 hours.


The participants in the course have access to ITCILO’s electronic campus where they can find:

  • Information about the course structure and experts
  • Five self-guided learning modules
  • All training materials used in the programme
  • The ITCILO/GIZ Green Business Guide and Green Business Trainers’ Guide
  • An introduction and discussion forum

The E-Campus will be accessible 24 hours a day, including for at least 4 weeks after the end of the course.


The webinars aim to deepen participants understanding of the content covered in the self-guided learning modules and in the Green Business Guide. Participants will have the chance to interact with key experts on the different topics. The webinars will also provide a forum for discussing and applying the contents of the self-guided learning modules and the Green Business Guide. All webinars will take place at 11:30 – 13:00 hrs GMT.

Green business training materials

The third week of the Certification Programme for Green Business Trainers will be structured around the ITCILO/GIZ/UNEP Green Business Guide and Green Business Training Manual. The Green Business Guide provides essential guidance

to entrepreneurs on how to green their products, services and processes and how to effectively insert themselves in the green economy. The Green Business Guide covers the following topics:

  1. Getting started: green business is good business
  2. Green business: how to go about it
  3. Life cycle management
  4. Resource efficiency and cleaner production
  5. Taking sustainability to the next level: Environmental Management Systems
  6. Communicating with markets: Environmental certification
  7. Working with others: Green value chains and circularity
  8. Further support for your green business

The participation fee is 1.110 Euros

For information about scholarship opportunities, please write to us at greenjobs@itcilo.org after you have filled out the application form.



Participants are invited to fill in the online application form https://oarf2.itcilo.org/DST/A9717197/en by 09 September 2024


More information

For more information, please contact us at: greenjobs@itcilo.org.

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