Climate change adaptation through green works

Climate change adaptation through green works

Climate change adaptation through green works

5–23 Junio 2023
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Presentación del curso

The term "green works" refers to the employment-intensive development, restoration and maintenance of public infrastructure, community assets, natural areas and landscapes in contributing to environmental goals such as adaptation to climate change and natural disasters, environmental rehabilitation and nature conservation. Examples of green works include soil conservation, reforestation and flood protection, which are highly labour-intensive and have the potential to create employment for vulnerable groups, while contributing to environmental rehabilitation and improvement. Through this course, participants will learn how to design and implement green works initiatives. The course will comprise four different blocks: - Climate change and the rationale for green works; - Climate change adaptation through flood control and rural transport enhancement; - Climate change adaptation through water management and soil and water conservation; - Climate change adaptation through biodiversity restoration. The course will focus on the development of green works using a local-resource-based approach, i.e. combining local participation in planning with the use of locally available skills, technology and materials.

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The course is designed for professionals involved in designing and implementing local, sectoral, national and global strategies for the transition to greener economies and climate change adaptation. More specifically: - Government officials operating at the local, provincial and national level; - ILO and UN staff and development practitioners; - Donor organizations which are working or would like to work on climate change adaptation and just transition; - Public investment and employment policy advisers; - Research and education institutions.

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