Gender mainstreaming and sustainable development

Gender mainstreaming and sustainable development
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Gender mainstreaming and sustainable development

3–28 Junio 2024
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Presentación del curso

At both national and international levels, gender equality and women's empowerment have been recognized as pivotal for sustainable development. However, progress is not without its challenges. Disparities and discrimination may vary across regions, but the gender gap persists. Throughout this online course, participants will develop an understanding of gender-related issues in the workplace, alongside strategic models and tools for concrete action. They will learn to integrate a gender perspective into their work, and utilize various gender tools and resources effectively.

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

- Government officials and policymakers involved in development planning and implementation - Employers and workers committed to fostering fairness within their organizations - Professionals from international development agencies and NGOs - Representatives from civil society organizations engaged in advocacy and awarenessraising on gender issues - Individuals passionate about gender mainstreaming and sustainable development initiatives

What topics does this course cover?

The course will introduce participants to fundamental gender concepts and key international gender equality frameworks. They will be equipped with a versatile set of tools to effectively integrate gender equality considerations into their work and development initiatives. Various forms of resistance will also be examined, as well as proven strategies for overcoming them.

What will I be able to do?

Champion gender equality by enhancing your understanding of:

  • Fundamental gender and development concepts
  • Key international frameworks on gender equality
  • Crucial workplace gender equality issues

Integrate a gender perspective into your work by:

  • Understanding the significance of gender analysis
  • Becoming acquainted with practical tools for gender mainstreaming

Communicate and advocate for gender equality initiatives by:

  • Making gender equality and women’s empowerment compelling business cases
  • Identifying and managing resistance to gender equality initiatives
Why should I join?

Gender inequalities remain among the most prominent and pervasive challenges in today’s world of work. Discover how you can effect positive change in your everyday work and life.

How to apply?

The deadline for submission of applications is 27 May 2024.

To apply, candidates must submit their application form and sponsorship letter at the following link:

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