Project Design Certification Programme

Project Design Certification Programme (Online)

Project Design Certification Programme

20 Febrero–12 Mayo 2023
El curso está disponible en English
Presentación del curso

The Project Design Certification Programme will help to strengthen participants' knowledge and skills in designing and writing project proposals, including the oversight of such processes. It also aims to enhance participants' ability to identify and leverage opportunities for mobilizing financial resources for projects. By sponsoring participants on this certification programme, and thus professionalizing and certifying their staff, organizations will strengthen their institutional capacity for designing successful projects and raising funding for them.

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

Technical specialists; national project coordinators; project managers and assistants; staff of international organizations; national development planning officials; NGO officials involved in the development of project proposals and resource mobilization activities.

Why a project design certification programme?

Organizations require their staff to develop and implement projects in their respective areas of specialization. These professionals are often highly specialized in their technical area, but lack the competencies needed to design well-structured and complete projects.

This certification programme contributes to closing this skills gap and enhancing the candidates’ personal skills and this way strengthening their capacity to design successful projects and to mobilize resources.

After all, a well-written project document is the first step in ensuring project success, and

is the best entry point for fundraising and partnership building.

What will I be able to do?
  • Identify project opportunities for an organization
  • Use a set of tools and techniques to identify, design, plan, and budget projects
  • Develop a project document and mobilize resources
  • Identify potential partnerships for development cooperation is the best entry point for fundraising
What certification will I get as a successful candidate?
  • You will obtain a certificate of achievement once you have completed successfully the programme requirements.
  • This certificate will demonstrate that you possess the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to design development projects.
  • At the end of the programme, you will have designed and completed a project document as part of the certification programme - a great addition to your CV.
Why should I join?

This course is delivered through distance learning and deployed on the ITCILO e-campus. It frees you from the classroom and gives you the flexibility to complete the learning modules at your own pace and to fit the weekly assignments and the project within your own schedule.

  • Project design skills are essential to professionals working in development.
  • Employers that sponsor participants obtain project documents ready for use.
  • Participants receive a professional certification attesting their capacity to design projects.
  • The programme was developed and is implemented by project management experts and practitioners.
  • Participatory activities include self-guided modules, an online forum, practical assignments, coaching and tutoring.
  • Participants get permanent access to the project design toolkit.
What participants say
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