Training of trainers for the ILO Portworker Development Programme (PDP)

Training of trainers for the ILO Portworker Development Programme (PDP)

Training of trainers for the ILO Portworker Development Programme (PDP)

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In 2018, the ILO developed Port Development Programme (PDP) Units covering the Transport, Handling and Storage of Bulk Cargoes and Bulk Terminals. These are iron ore, coal, bulk fertilizer, grain, bauxite and alumina. The Units are collectively known as PDP 2 Units. The ILO PDP Chief Instructors’ Manual was subsequently revised to provide the pedagogical and professional knowledge to instructors teaching these PDP 2 Units.

The PDP 2 and the revised Chief Instructors’ Manual incorporates a more user-friendly electronic format and layout based on recent IT advancement that provides additional advantages to PDP users / PDP instructors. This PDP TOT Course has been designed in a way that it will not only meet the requirements of new PDP users, but also benefit existing PDP licensees. It is therefore highly recommended that existing PDP licensees participate in this Course with at least one of their PDP Instructors, who will then be able to update their fellow PDP instructors and effectively introduce the new PDP 2 materials in their respective organizations. The TOT Course will enable instructors to deliver port-related training using the new PDP 2 materials. New or potential PDP licensees will be able to train suitable candidates as PDP Instructors.

Successful participants in the TOT Course are deemed qualified to teach PDP Units and overtime, may be qualified by the appropriate National / Organization / Institutional Authority to become Chief Instructor to design and develop further PDP Units and to conduct the TOT Course.

With the current pandemic situation, it is anticipated that conducting face-to-face lectures may not be likely in the foreseeable future. ITCILO has decided that the TOT Course be held through appropriate online learning platform as there remains a pressing need for the continuous education of port workers for the enhancement of their professional knowledge, skill and attitude (KSA)

Course aim

The Aims of the TOT Course are:

  • To familiarize participants in PDP 2 Units.
  • To qualify participants as ILO PDP Instructors.
Course objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and refer to the ILO port-related standards and guidelines;
  • Analyse the advisable institutional and organizational arrangements for the implementation of the PDP in a port or country;
  • Evaluate the philosophy, nature, form and structure of the PDP materials;
  • Plan, schedule, prepare, present, assess and evaluate PDP instructional sessions;
  • Adapt the contents and select the PDP units into an appropriate scheme of training for particular groups of trainees;
  • Deliver port-related training using the PDP materials; and,
  • Train other instructors using the revised PDP Chief Instructors Manual (2018 edition) and the new PDP 2 materials (2018 edition).

The Course objectives for ITCILO are:

  • To validate the online training package of the ILO PDP TOT Course.
  • To validate the functionality of its E-Campus in the support of the conduct of the on-line TOT Course; including the provision of PDP 2 and TOT training materials, pre- and post- course surveys, test, discussion and Micro Teaching.
  • To certify the successful participants as ILO PDP Instructors.
Broad course outline

The Course will be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1: PDP 2 units

This is a Self-learning phase of the following PDP 2 Units:

  • Unit D1.1: Dry Bulk Terminal Operations;
  • Unit D1.2: Transport, Handling and Storage of Iron Ore;
  • Unit D1.3: Transport, Handling and Storage of Coal;
  • Unit D1.4: Transport, Handling and Storage of Bulk Fertilizer;
  • Unit D1.5: Transport, Handling and Storage of Grain;
  • Unit D1.6: Transport, Handling and Storage of Bauxite and Alumina;
  • Unit D4.1: Safe Working in Dry Bulk Terminals;
  • Unit D4.2: Safe Working on Dry Bulk Ships;
  • Unit D5.1: Operations of Quayside Gantry Cranes and Equipment; and,
  • Unit S1.5: Supervision of Dry Bulk Operations.

Participants are required to take the online tests for the PDP 2 Units upon the completion of this learning phase.

The duration of the PDP 2 Units self-learning phase is three (3) weeks.

Phase 2: Training of trainer

This is an Online lecturer-led Course based on the ILO Chief Instructors’ Manual and the Instructor’s Guide. The training pedagogy includes lectures, discussions and Micro teaching, whereby participants are required to demonstrate competency in delivering of assigned PDP 2 training materials, followed by constructive critique (self-critique, peer critique and instructor’s critique). The participants will conduct research, detailed preparation and online lectures; dealing with questions and answers and learning to evaluate and critique teaching performances.

The Course will provide an excellent opportunity for participants to exchange views and experiences on training schemes and courses using the PDP 2 materials and to undergo instructor’s training under the guidance of ILO senior port specialists and experienced PDP instructors. It will also provide an opportunity for participants to receive first-hand briefing by ILO Officials on other ILO port-related initiatives.

Successful participants are qualified as ILO PDP Instructors.

The duration of this Phase is two (2) weeks.

Participants' profile
  • Existing PDP Instructors or Chief Instructors who wish to refresh and upgrade their knowledge and skills using the PDP 2 and revised PDP TOT materials;
  • PDP Chief instructor candidates from new or potential PDP licensees; and/or,
  • Personnel with managerial and/or instructional functions in the training of portworkers, belonging to relevant government departments or agencies, port authorities, training institutions, trade unions and private enterprises involved in port management and operations.
Contents and methodology

An action-oriented, highly participative approach will be employed throughout the TOT Course. Training methods will comprise lectures, discussions and group work with particular attention paid to developing participants’ training delivery skills through micro teaching.

Participants will be provided with all the training materials (E Copies) of PDP 2 Units and the TOT Course. These include:

PDP 2 units

  • Instructor’s Lesson Plan
  • Trainees Reference Manuals
  • Glossary of Technical Terms
  • Videos
  • Handouts

TOT course

  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Lesson Plan
  • Trainee Reference Materials
  • Exercise and Solution
Course certificate

Successful participants will be issued with Course Certificate endorsed by ITCILO.


The workshop will be conducted in English and therefore participants are expected to

have a good command of the English language.


The ILO promotes equality of opportunities and strongly encourages women’s applications. 

This ToT will imply an important amount of commitment and training hours. The time zone of online ToT sessions will be adapted to participants in the Asian region. Apply now

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