Resilient Markets: market systems development in FCAS

Resilient Markets: market systems development in FCAS
Sustainable Development

Resilient Markets: market systems development in FCAS

Market systems development in fragile and conflict-affected settings

28 Octubre–1 Noviembre 2019
El curso está disponible en English

Market-based programmes rebuild supply- and demand-side functions through sustainable interventions. These approaches are especially relevant in cases of prolonged fragility and aid dependency. In this course, participants learn about best practices in market systems development in the areas of livelihoods, housing, and water and sanitation services.

Join this course to learn about sustainable interventions that mitigate the shock-stress-shock cycle.

Key features
Learn differently

Training methods include electives, seminars, and case studies

High-level resources

Practitioners from humanitarian organizations share insight

Flexible training

Participants share knowledge and discuss experiences

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?
  • Technical specialists 

  • Early career practitioners 

  • Business development professionals 

  • Donors and policymakers 

  • Monitoring and evaluation professionals 

  • Technical assistance providers, experts, trainers, and consultants

What topics does this course cover?

This course provides an overview of effective market system approaches in fragile settings.

  • The business case for market systems programmes as a pathway to long-term resilience

  • Tools, approaches, and business models of market systems development, and how they apply in fragile settings

  • Monitoring and measurement of market-based programmes

What will I learn?

Participants learn how to apply market systems thinking in contexts of fragility and conflict.

  • All about the tools, frameworks, and applications relevant for practitioners

  • How to how to empower women through resilient markets

  • The importance of applying market systems development principles to humanitarian support

What will I be able to do?

The goal of this course is to integrate market systems development into programme design and outcomes.

  • Utilize the best available knowledge, skills, and abilities in the area of resilient markets

  • Implement market system approaches in fragile and conflict-affected settings

  • Design and support long-term, sustainable market systems solutions

Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its unconventional and highly effective learning methodologies.

  • The course was designed in collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council and the SEEP Network.

  • Sessions focus on the most promising current practices, successes, brilliant failures, and innovations in market systems development. 

  • Subject-matter experts and practitioners from humanitarian and international development organizations lead the discussions.

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