Académie sur la sécurité sociale

Academy on Social Security

Académie sur la sécurité sociale

21 septembre–2 octobre 2020
Le cours est disponible en English, Français

The Academy on Social Security offers a unique opportunity to benefit from a diversified training package on the governance, financing, reform and extension of social protection systems. Participants will tailor-make their own two-week course by choosing from several elective courses, and will benefit from an innovative and dynamic learning environment.

Key features

The green campus with modern training facilities makes a unique space for learning


Innovative training methodologies and integrated use of digital learning technology


Exchange with leading social protection practitioners, and representatives from organisations including ILO, FAO and UNICEF Innocenti.

Présentation du cours

Dans un environnement de formation novateur et dynamique regroupant plusieurs cours optionnels, les participant·e·s analyseront la gouvernance, le financement et les réformes ainsi que la conception et mise en œuvre des stratégies d'extension du socle de protection sociale.

Groupes cible

Responsables de la promotion de la protection sociale par des méthodes et techniques novatrices et pratiques, et plus précisément: cadres, planificateur·trice·s, conseiller·ère·s et fonctionnaires des institutions de sécurité sociale; planificateur·trice·s politiques et fonctionnaires des ministères chargé·e·s du développement et du suivi des systèmes de protection sociale; représentant·e·s des partenaires sociaux impliqué·e·s dans la gouvernance des institutions de sécurité sociale; et praticien·ne·s et consultant·e·s des agences des Nations Unies travaillant sur la protection sociale.

What topics does this academy cover?

Through plenary sessions and elective courses the Academy covers topics including:

  • Global trends and international best practices: global data, best practices and international social security law
  • Extension of coverage: building social protection floors and increasing the reach of contributory schemes to the informal sector
  • Financing social protection: identifying fiscal space, and undertaking actuarial planning
  • Impacts of social protection: The latest evidence and key techniques to assessing impact
  • Hot topics: Pension reform, universal health coverage, effective targeting, food security and rural poverty reduction
  • Effective management and administration: Good governance, coordination, M&E and capacity development
  • Political acceptability: Ensuring social dialogue and engaging with the political economy
What will I be able to do?
  • Assess the performance of national social protection systems keeping in mind global trends and benchmarks, country experiences, and international labour standards
  • Identify priority approaches and innovations for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of social protection systems, making use of well-established analytical tools and methodologies
  • Evaluate the feasibility of social protection system development from a range of perspectives, including technical correctness, political supportability and organisational implementation.
Why should I join?
  • Learn from and exchange with some of the world’s leading thinkers on social protection.
  • Participants join and interact with a diverse network of professionals working on social protection across the globe.
  • The course uses a mix of training methods: lectures, plenary discussions, good practices, electives, case studies, group work, and individual exercises.
  • Take a step towards achieving the ITCILO Diploma for Social Protection, a new accreditation for the next generation of social protection practitioners

Diploma for Social Protection Analysts

This course qualifies for the ITCILO Diploma for Social Protection Analysts. Take three out of four eligible courses within a five year period, and complete a capstone project, to become part of a global cadre of practitioners with a recognised set of skills in social protection policy analysis.


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