Digital inclusion lab

Digital inclusion lab
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Digital inclusion lab

Slow tech for a big impact

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Frameworks from UN organizations, grassroots projects from NGOs, and initiatives from the private sector are all contributing towards digital inclusion. We aim to accelerate this movement by bringing together these different actors for an interdisciplinary dialogue.

If we look at digital inclusion from a 360° point of view, what new insights, new perspectives, and new visions might emerge through this cross-fertilization? We collected 42 tips for more digitally inclusive learning and look forward to collectively growing these global best practices. Harnessing technology for good impacts individuals and communities both online (and offline). How we might make this e-world more inclusive is our mission.

This tailor-made retreat is available upon request. It may be customized for local, national, and international organizations. Contact us to learn more.

Groupes cibles
  • Learners ready to gain digital skills for inclusion
  • Trainers who want to curate digitally inclusive learning journeys
  • Organizations looking to upgrade their capacity to implement digital inclusion initiatives
What will I learn?
  • Today’s accessibility, connectivity, and infrastructure challenges that pose an initial obstacle in bridging the digital divide for learning
  • Recent advances and analyses in digital literacy and skills needed to access learning and decent work online (and offline)
  • Innovative, impactful, and transferable digitally inclusive lifelong learning solutions from across the globe designed to leave no one behind
How will I learn?

During the two-day lab, participants will explore, exchange, and experiment together through a series of participatory workshops and discussions.


  • Talk: Keynote panel setting the scene
  • Meet & greet
  • Empathy map: Digital accessibility 
  • Lunch break
  • User persona: Digital literacy & skills



  • Prototype: Inclusive learning solutions
  • Coffee break
  • Peer assist: Tech for good
  • Lunch break
  • Talk: Future actions for radical inclusion

Each participant will receive a free hard copy of the digital inclusion book:

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