My.COOP - Managing your agricultural cooperative

My.COOP - Managing your agricultural cooperative

My.COOP - Managing your agricultural cooperative

1 juin–7 août 2020
Le cours est disponible en English
Présentation du cours

The My.COOP training package has been designed to enable established and potential managers of agricultural cooperatives to identify and address major challenges specific to cooperatives in market-oriented agricultural development. This on-line training-of-trainers programme will enable cooperative experts to acquire the necessary skills for designing and delivering interactive and participatory face-to-face training using the My.COOP training modules.

Groupes cibles

Who should apply? (a) leaders and managers of cooperative structures, such as unions, federations and confederations; (b) trainers working in cooperative colleges, universities, NGOs and other (including private) training providers; (c) employees of cooperatives, and staff of government departments and agencies.

What topics does this course cover?

My.COOP is a training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives. Proper management enables cooperatives to offer high quality, efficient and effective services to their members. Moreover, well managed agricultural cooperatives can also contribute to wider development issues such as food security, sustainable use of natural resources and inclusive employment creation.

The My.COOP package consists of 4 modules, a trainer’s manual and a mobile learning toolkit:

  1. Basics of agricultural cooperatives
  2. Cooperative service provision
  3. Supply of farm inputs
  4. Cooperative marketing

Since 2019, the My.COOP TOT has been enriched with the My.Coop Smart, an on-line interactive self-guided module of the MyCoop family, that trainers can also use in the training. It uses case studies and practical experiences to deepen the content of the MyCoop manuals and strengthen knowledge of critical concepts. MyCoop Smart demonstrates how interventions such as training, awareness raising and knowing financial and practical tools increase governance, dialogue and management and can benefit cooperatives.

What will I learn?

The My.COOP distance learning Training of Trainers (TOT) programme assumes that its participants are already familiar with the operations and challenges of agricultural cooperatives. The objective of the distance learning programme is thus NOT to train professionals who want to acquire knowledge regarding cooperatives. The TOT will rather allow cooperative experts to acquire the necessary competencies to design and deliver an interactive and participatory face-to-face training using the My.COOP training modules (focus on training methods).

What will I be able to do?

After having completed the Training of Trainers, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and implement a My.COOP training from an initial learning needs assessment until the final evaluation of the My.COOP training workshop;
  • Adapt and design contextualized My.COOP training activities using a broad range of participatory methodologies;
  • Address a wide diversity of learning styles;
  • Explain My.COOP content to the target audience taking adult learning principles into account;
  • Equip participants with the competencies needed to design, develop and implement My.COOP training;
  • Apply facilitation techniques to deliver the training in a face to face setting.
Why should I join?

My.COOP partnership My.COOP is the result of a collaborative effort involving a wide range of partners such as cooperative development agencies, cooperative colleges and universities, cooperative and producer organizations, knowledge institutes and agencies of the United Nations.

Initiated by the ILO Cooperative Facility for Africa and the ILO’s Cooperative Branch, the partnership involves: Agriterra, the FAO, the International Training Centre of the ILO, the Royal Tropical Institute and the Wageningen University and Research Centre, among others.

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